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November 9, 2012

if you’re not now here, you’re no where

Happy Friday! Warm coffee in my hands, Sky above nice and blue – Happy Friday to me,  and Happy Friday to you! A little poem for […]
October 6, 2012

Patience, perseverance, and play

Happy Friday! And Noswaith dda (that means good evening in Welsh!) from a grey, but rain free Wales. That’s right folks, the rain does cease to fall every […]
September 28, 2012

despite the rain, choose to see the sun

      Okay, I’m going to let you all in on a little secret. Some days, I don’t always feel completely and wholly and utterly […]
July 27, 2012

Be a YES!

Greetings, my fine friends, and Happy Friday! I remember one of my first Baptiste yoga classes (Dad don’t hit delete yet!), when the Instructor told us, as […]
July 13, 2012

inhale. exhale. repeat.

Happy Friday! One of my professors in Springfield had a t-shirt that read these words: Inhale. Exhale. Repeat. I have to say I found it quite […]
December 9, 2011

do you wanna look good, or feel good?

Happy Friday! No day but today, right? So, today is the day. Today is the day I make a goal – or maybe even a commitment (ooh, big […]