There is indeed power in vulnerability…

My week in pics: Last week in Buenos Aires! Attending the ballet (Swan Lake), having fun at the farewell party, Women Living Big’s ‘Vino & Vulnerability’ event, attending the Canada 150 special reception at the Canadian Embassy and meeting Ambassador Robert Fry. 

There is indeed power in vulnerability.

Happy Friday!

And HAPPY 150th BIRTHDAY CANADA! (and to my friends both of the border, happy almost 4th of July…!)

Although I wish I were in Canada for the festivities, I will be sporting some fun Canadian paraphernalia on the plane from Buenos Aires to Prague! And, I was fortunate to have been invited to the Canadian Embassy last night for a special #Canada150 celebration. Yes, I did manage to not only meet (and get a selfie with!) Ambassador Robert Fry, I also had a lovely and inspiring conversation with him. He seems a wonderful man, and we spoke about some of the initiatives he’s passionate about, happy to hear women’s issues (especially ‘Ni Una Menos’ fighting violence against women) being one of them.

Last night while watching a special indigenous performance, I had a moment, and felt very grateful and proud to be Canadian.

It was an exciting last week in Buenos Aires, especially as Women Living BIG had another successful event on Tuesday evening entitled ‘Vino & Vulnerability.’ A wine tasting (we’re into region of wine after all!) and an opportunity for women to connect and bond while opening up out important matters. It was a powerful night, and yet even more powerful was what happened the day after the event…

Watch this week’s video below to see what I’m talking about.

And so now I challenge YOU to be just a little bit more vulnerable this week. Imagine how freeing it would be,  and the positive impact it would have.. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this important subject below, or over on over on my YouTube Channel

Have a FAB week, and enjoy the festivities!

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P.S. If you’re interested in watching Brené Brown’s TedX talk, you can do so HERE. (It’s a goodie!)