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Sometimes, less is more.

Happy Friday!

Why is everyone so busy these days?!?

I’m busy, you’re busy… it’s like this badge of honour we wear. The busier we are the more, what – worthy we are? Successful we are? Productive we are?

Not necessarily the case on any of those fronts.

And yet, one of the most common answers I get when asking how people are is ‘I’m so busy!’

There’s a lot to do. I get it. And more stuff just keeps piling up. Your inbox will never be at zero; your to-do list will never be empty. And, there are opportunities to be involved with more all around us at any given time on any given day!

While I do enjoy having a lot of my plate, this Summer, I am actually trying to slow it down.

Sometimes, less is more.

Less on the schedule, less pressure, less noise, less rushing, less comparing.

Yesterday, I listened to my heart, and even though I had a full day scheduled, I decided I wanted to connect with one of my best friend’s for lunch. And it was exactly what the Doctor ordered.

I decided to shoot a quick living big video challenge, a one-shot wonder, and turn it into a video blog this week!


Sometimes, less is more. And sometimes, that is what living big is all about. Click to tweet it out!


Happy Friday, and have a FAB week!

 Carol - high res



And, as per usual, I want to hear from YOU! How will you do a little less this week? Let me know your thoughts and ideas in the comments below.

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