Are you still breathing?!?


from where I sit at my reclaimed barnwood dining table, with a sunny view of the CN Tower ahead and the snowy dog park below. I can imagine the crunching sounds of boots and the sniffing sounds of dogs as they enjoy the fresh, winter air on this fine Friday morning.

 I know I said last week I would make Colette my writing spot from now on, however as I have two meetings there later on today, I thought starting first thing in the morning would be a tab overkill! However, don’t you worry, that Americano Misto is waiting for me! (just may have to make it decaf at that point!) HA!

So, this week was a fun and fruitful and yes, busy one. Although I must admit I’m not such a huge fan of the word… I mean we’re all busy. Any suggestions?!?


Fish use their gills to breathe. Insects use their tracheal system to breathe (although to call it breathing may be a stretch ~ it’s more of a gas exchange ~ but I digress!). And humans use their lungs. And yet I sometimes wonder, if breathing wasn’t automatic, would we ever forget to breathe?!?

This week I attended an amazing annual networking conference, Networking Connects, put on by my friend and mentor Jennifer Beale. It was so lovely to see so many familiar faces. Even though we can easily stay connected on line these days, there is nothing like face-to-face interaction.

An amazing woman, Christine Douglas, who mentors, always gives back, is a part of numerous organizations including Women in Aerospace (how cool is that?!?), came up to me at the event. ‘You’re doing so many things! Good for you! But what are you doing for you?’ She asked. She has been a huge supporter since we first met, always willing to help, and a religious reader of my Happy Fridays. She continued to explain she thinks it’s great I seem to be busy, however she was curious as to what I was doing for me.

It’s true, I like to be busy. And it was one of those weeks where I had quite a few days of one meeting after another session followed immediately by a phone call and then a workshop to run to… I mean if breathing weren’t automatic I may very well have forgotten to do it!

Ironically, I made a declaration this year I wanted to do less and be more. And I do. This week won’t be my norm ~ as I am realizing more and more now that busy is not only not necessarily productive, but also if it’s nothing but go, go, go how can it be fun, fun, fun?!?

Although I’m definitely a work-in-progress, I’m implementing a few ideas to ensure I am being (and breathing!) more. For instance, a few simple morning habits. (Have you watched my February Living BIG challenge yet?!? If not, you need to get on it!) Even if I realize I pressed snooze one too many times and need to really bust a move out of bed, I still have enough time for at least a 1-minute morning ritual. Taking the time to slow down and breathe first thing in the morning has become important before my day gets going. Although not a member of the 5am club yet… (ha!) I am adding one thing I can do at a time. It’s the small victories after all.

Are you giving yourself the space and the time to breathe first thing in the morning? Throughout your day? Before you go to bed?

All things need to breathe. Our schedules need to breathe (have you heard of buffer time? You need it… trust me! I’ve learned the hard way!) Our work needs to breathe. Relationships need to breathe. Good wine needs to breathe.

Are you giving yourself the time and the space and the permission to really breathe? (Click to tweet it out!)

I remember listening to a yoga teacher once say that life is not about inhaling. It’s true. It needs to be tasted, it needs to savoured, it needs breath. Have you perhaps been guilty of inhaling life?

I’m going to make more of a conscious effort to allow for more breathing room in all areas of my life. And I hope you’ll join me!

Have a FAB week, everyone!

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 P.S. This weekend is Verbal Aikido with James MacNeil! If you haven’t already gotten your ticket, visit the link HERE. Communication is at the heart of everything. Learn how to build genuine rapport, handle any conversation with ease & confidence, and master the moments that matter most. See you there!