Random thoughts while having fun in the sun

Happy Friday!

from where I sit on the patio of our little villa, overlooking the sand and the sun and the sea. Yup, this girl is pretty darn spoilt. It’s been almost a week of sunshine and swimming and running along the sand and beaching and eating and drinking and relaxing and family time. 

Still in vacation mode (trying to maximize my last day!), I’m going to stray from my usual – be very brief – and simply share some of the thoughts and discoveries I’ve had whirling around in my head this week.

Try to limit the expectations, and be open to the adventure.

A Piña Colada or a Daiquiri of some kind is a right of passage on a beach holiday.

Towels can actually transform into elephants, dogs, swans, bunnies, rams… quite easily.

Running barefoot along the beach is delightful – however running with running shoes gives less ankle pain.

It’s affirmative. Elmo really is cute and friendly in person, too!

Those wave simulators for surfing are pretty fun… alas having to wear helmets doesn’t make for the coolest photos.

Everyone loves a parade. Being involved in one is totally on my bucket list.

Windsurfing is not as difficult as I remember! Once you master your left and right (which took me a little while I must admit!) you’re good to go.

Disconnecting from Facebook (it’s been five whole days!) may be tough, but it won’t kill you!

Local coffee appears to be quite a bit stronger.

Working on the beach is certainly possible ~ just be prepared to get sand, like, everywhere.

If you have curly or any kind of frizzy hair like I do, trying to straighten it and wear it down in the evenings is futile.

Family, although they may not always get you, is still your family. And they can be pretty fun.

As much as I do enjoy writing my Happy Fridays, I like the beach even more! (please don’t take it personally…) and seeing as how it’s my last day here, I’m going to get out and maximize!

Have a FAB week, everyone!

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