What is YOUR ‘Litmus Test’ ?!?

What is YOUR ‘Litmus Test’ ?!?

Happy Friday!

Hmm… so it seems as though the topic of FOMO I wrote about last week (Fear Of Missing Out… I think I may have failed to mention that!) struck a chord.

I’ve had quite a few interesting discussions around this topic this week… some with folks who can very much relate to having experienced feelings of FOMO, and some of whom refuse to do so.

In one of these conversations we talked about how one of the ways to avoid it is to have your own Litmus Test.


lit·mus test

ˈlitməs ˌtest/
noun: litmus tes

a) a test for acidity or alkalinity using litmus
b) a decisively indicative test


Although normally used in chemistry, it could also be considered a decisive test that could be come exclusively from you, and for your benefit.

How does this come into play when speaking about FOMO? Well, although we talked about a few great ways to combat these feelings, there may be a way to prevent them from even creeping in at all! It’s all about tapping into your true priorities.

If you are living true to who you are, on purpose, with meaning, then it’s easier to trust you are exactly where you need to be.

And one of the ways to ensure you are doing exactly that is to identify your own values, your highest priorities, and your non-negotiables. (What are your absolute musts when it comes to living your best life?)

And when you’re clear on those, it’ll be easier to vet any opportunity, invitation, or idea that comes your way.

What is YOUR Litmus Test?

In her famous book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up,” Marie Kondo suggests you ask of every material item you own, “Does it bring you joy?” If not, you get rid of it.

In a similar fashion, here are some questions you can ask to test the plethora of opportunities that may come your way at any given time.


  • Will this ____ (opportunity, event, idea, commitment, project…) bring me joy?
  • Will it make me happy?
  • Is it in alignment with my highest priorities?
  • Is it in alignment with my highest values?
  • Will it bring me closer to my goals, or further away from my goals?
  • Am I doing it to please others, or to please myself?


It’s hard to know what to say yes to and what to say no to, especially as I know you, like me, want to maximize your life and say yes to as much as you can!

Although I do believe you can have everything you want, it may not necessarily be possible all at the same time.

So perhaps next time you find yourself at a crossroads, unsure with path to take, you can choose even one of these questions to ask yourself.


It’s all about what brings you joy, after all!


Have a FAB week!

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What question are YOU going to choose to use this week? I want to hear from you in the comments below.