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March 24, 2017
Happy Friday

Don´t Cry Over Spilled Milk (err, I mean mango juice!)

  Happy Friday! On Monday, I met with an amazing woman with whom I was going to be delivering a workshop the following day. I was […]
September 2, 2016
Unplug Already!

The magical power of unplugging. 3 Reasons WHY, and 3 Ways HOW.

I had the pleasure of spending a few days up at a friend’s cottage this week. It’s amazing how different one can feel after driving a […]
November 7, 2014
Do you get FOMO?

Do you get FOMO? (and 3 thirst-quenching ways to deal…)

FOMO, otherwise known as ‘FEAR OF MISSING OUT’ is when you feel as though you are missing out on that exciting event, party, or happening. Perhaps […]