5 Ways to Create Your Own Sunshine

My week in pictures: At ladies Martini Night – fundraiser for Million Dollar Smiles (yes there were firefighters and a catwalk!); DivaGirl conference (first time displaying my own banner!); doing a demo Cheer class at the conference (totally should have been a cheerleader!); Running the Yonge St. 10k representing TEAM Cdn Dash for Diabetes

I saw that yellow umbrella with the words ‘Create your own sunshine’ in a storefront display yesterday morning. Quite apropos, as the last few days in these parts have been grey and rainy and somewhat miserable (even saw some snow!)

Now I would be lying if I said I wasn’t affected by the weather. It’s a whole lot easier for me to smile and be happy when I see Mr. Sun. And on the flip side, I can get a little more down or slower moving when it’s grey and uninviting out there.

And yet, if we have control over our thoughts and our mindset – and we do – we can choose to rise above whatever the weather may be on the outside, and create our own sunshine on the inside.

Because you can’t rely on Mr. Sun to create your own internal sunshine. Only you can do that.

How? Here are 5 ideas:

1. Get outside. Make friends with the rain.

Wednesday was Earth Day. And it was also a little rainy and dull. A good reminder of how lucky we are to have Mother Nature looking after everything! For my workout, I was tempted to simply go to my gym and hop on the treadmill. But I decided that didn’t quite feel right ~ I needed to get outside! And so I put on my gear, grabbed my running rain jacket, and did just that. And it felt good.

There is something magical about being out in nature. Even if you do experience a few raindrops. When was the last time you truly experienced it? Smelled the fresh air? Took in all of the colours? Really felt the rain? Smiled in the wind?… when you do, your spirits can’t help but be lifted.

2. Have an attitude of gratitude. 

I know it’s not the first time you’re hearing this. And there’s a reason for that. It works! When I shared my morning rituals a ways back, you may remember the first thing I do when I wake up is smile (a small gesture with a big impact!) and then I list off 3 things I am grateful for. It automatically gets me in a positive mindset. Perhaps you might like to do it before you go to bed, maybe you keep a gratitude journal, or you prefer to share with your partner or spouse at the end of the day.

However you choose to do it, research has proven over and over again that those who have some type of gratitude practice experience far higher levels of happiness and positivity.

3. Play.

When was the last time you played a game or did something a little silly, just because? Take out your favourite board game. Go splash in some puddles. Honk at some stranger walking down the street on your side, and then start waving madly in the opposite direction to confuse them (I used to LOVE doing this when I was younger!)

Life and work can get so serious sometimes. Loosen up a little. Take 5 minutes for fun and play. Like my Living BIG challenge this month, when things get stressful, ask yourself ‘WTF?’ ~ Where’s The Fun???

4. Make it about someone else. 

When I am feeling a little low, I like to reach out and connect with someone else, make it about them instead of me. Call an old friend. Buy someone’s coffee. Send someone a little gag gift that reminded you of them. I wrote quite a few cards this week ~ and although yes, I love acknowledging others and who doesn’t love snail mail ~ I also knew it would make me feel warm and fuzzy, too.

When you do unto others, you end up doing unto yourself even more.

5. Connect with your why.

Some days it’s harder than others to jump out of bed and get into the groove. Such is life, I’m afraid. Yet when you are living your life on purpose, when you are on a larger mission, when you are connected to something greater ~ a little rain isn’t going to keep you from doing the work you need to do. Not sure what your why is or how to find out? Ask yourself what fires you up most, what makes your heart sing, what you want your legacy to be. Connect to that.

The happiest people on the planet are those that are living on purpose. We all have something or someone that inspires us… Take the time to remind yourself of that.

There you go. Want to create your own sunshine? Get outside. Have an attitude of gratitude. Play. Make it about someone else. Connect with your why.

Because you can’t rely on Mr. Sun to create your own internal sunshine. Only YOU can do that. (Click to tweet it out!)

Have a FAB week!

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AND, now I wanna here what YOU have to say! What are your best practices when it comes to creating your own sunshine? Please leave your comments below :-).

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