The ONLY question you need to ask yourself.

Is all you’re doing right now, all you have going on in your life – making you happy?

In her brilliant book ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up,‘ Marie Kondo shares the single most important question to ask when de-cluttering your space (and your life!) is this one: DOES IT BRING YOU JOY?’ 

Simple, yet POWERFUL.

And I think we can use this very same idea when looking at all  we want to create in our lives – this year and beyond! Continue reading “The ONLY question you need to ask yourself.”

How to Achieve ALL Your Dreams in 2018


“New Year, New YOU!”

“Let’s make this your BEST YEAR YET!”

“Achieve ALL your dreams in 2018!”

No doubt you are bombarded with messages like these at this time of year. (and my apologies, as that last one came from ME!)

While it makes sense – as we have a blank slate, a fresh page in front of us – it can also be pretty overwhelming!

And even though I love setting goals and making resolutions, I don’t always stick to them, and there is a scary stat that states 90% of people who set resolutions fall off the bandwagon by February. EEK! Continue reading “How to Achieve ALL Your Dreams in 2018”

The ONLY Message You’ll Ever Need to Hear.

MY WEEK IN PICS: Connecting with friends (and making new ones!) and learning a ton at the CAPS (Canadian Ass. of Professional Speakers) Annual Convention… and honoured to sit on a panel following a talk with the amazing Elizabeth Nyamayaro, Executive Director for UN Women, and the founder of HeForShe movement; Christmas lunching with friends…

There are some pretty important messages out there, however there is only ONE big message you’ll really ever need to hear. 

It may sound like a pretty bold statement, and it’s true.  Continue reading “The ONLY Message You’ll Ever Need to Hear.”

It’s not about buying presents, it’s about being present…

My week in pics: Family wedding, catching up with girlfriends and amazing members of the women living big – Tribe community, attending the CAPS Christmas party, and taking in the magic of this time of year… 

Happy Friday!

If you’re anything like me, you love this time of year. However as exciting as the hustle and the bustle and the lights and the Christmas Carols can be, it can also be a tad stressful!

This week I’m keeping it short and sweet, simply wanting to share some important reminders as to what this time of year is really about.  Continue reading “It’s not about buying presents, it’s about being present…”

Wanna Learn the 3 Pillars of Happiness?

My week in pics: Seeing monkeys and sloths at the famous Manuel Antonio National Park, sneaking in some beach time in Costa Rica, and saying goodbye to all of my Remote Year adventures and coming HOME!

Happy Friday!

(And happy 1st day of Advent!)

And greetings from where I’m back on Canadian soil, in home surf, and in cold weather!

It’s been a bit of an adjustment these past few days I’ve been home, however I must say it also feels good to be back. 

Although it’s been so fun to experience adventures all over the world, ultimately, I’m realizing happiness doesn’t necessarily come from the epic moments in life.  Continue reading “Wanna Learn the 3 Pillars of Happiness?”

Leave Your Ego At Home! Reflections from Costa Rica

My week in pics: Having an incredible experience traveling 7 hours from San Jose, Costa Rica to the remote community of Sabaló, volunteering with UGO Travel For Change, Secret Costa Rica, and the Asamoas Association for women… (and really getting a glimpse into the life of this welcoming community!) 

Greetings from the lovely little remote town of Sabalo, Costa Rica (kinda in the middle of nowhere!) surrounded by nothing but forest and green and so much beauty.

I’m honoured to be a part of a service trip with UGO Travel For Change, where a powerful group of women are working hard building a shed for the Asamoas – an association of women to empower one another and this community at large – another very powerful group of women. 

It’s been an amazing experience so far… and what we’re realizing is that it’s not really about service or building a shed at all. Continue reading “Leave Your Ego At Home! Reflections from Costa Rica”

Thwarted Expectations… 3 Ways To Kick Them to the Curb!

My week in pics: Attending my first Spanish wedding (beautiful!), meeting more of my man’s other side of the family for his Grandmother’s 100th birthday (I know… CRAZY!), and enjoying a few days of disconnection exploring the coast and the mountains a little south of Barcelona.

Happy Friday!

And happy final Friday where I’ll be coming to you from Spain! Crazy, but true.

My time here has come to an end, my Remote Year experience will officially be over, and soon I will be back on home turf in Canada (although first a retreat with UGO Tavel For Change to Costa Rica next week – so can’t really complain!)

Because it was my last week here in Spain, and someone’s birthday, we decided to get away for a few days.

It was a surprise, and I did my best to research, read reviews, and ensure it would be lovely.
Alas, it didn’t quite meet my expectations!

Continue reading “Thwarted Expectations… 3 Ways To Kick Them to the Curb!”

Expectations. If you can’t live without them, how to live with them.

Expectations. If you cant live without them, how to live with them.


Nine times out of ten, when upset is experienced, it’s due to thwarted expectations. Think about it.

You study hard for an exam, expecting a result over 85%, and you miss the mark. You’re likely to get upset.

You go into a big meeting, all primped and prepped, expecting to land that gig or make the sale, and you come out flat. Upset.

You get all dolled up, looking forward to meeting your Prince Charming, or that guy that you made eyes with last time you saw him, and nothing happens. You guessed it – you’re likely to feel upset!

Now in all three of these situations, the feeling of being upset, disappointed, or down, is TOTALLY justified! However, these feelings could also have been avoided. How? By removing the specific expectations in the first place.

It’s human nature to have expectations. And so instead of expecting (pardon the pun!) it be easy to remove them altogether, here are three ways to help manage them.


1. Expect an overall experience, not a specific outcome

Instead of going into a situation attached to a certain result you want to have happen, consider how you want to feel, or how you want the overall experience to go, instead. Perhaps you want to feel as though you’ve done your best on that exam. Or you want to give it your best in that presentation. Or you are simply up for having a fun night out with friends. These are more likely to come true, as they speak to the overall experience.


2. Dont be an over passionate planner!

I’m sure you’ve experienced those days or nights where you didn’t necessarily have anything planned – you were just up for whatever. And it turned out to be super fun? And on the other hand, no doubt you’ve also experienced those nights where every little detail has been meticulously planned out… and you end up being too concerned ensuring everything is unfolding as it was intended to, instead of actually allowing the experience to unfold? The more details you plan, the more likely your expectations may not all be met. Trust there is a bigger plan in place!


3. Have a wee little bit of faith. (or maybe a lot.)

It may sound trite, however sometimes you just have to trust whatever is meant to happen will happen. It may not seem like it in the moment, however there is always learning to be had. You flunked your exam? Perhaps you have an even bigger calling. You don’t land that particular opportunity or sale? There is a better one waiting just around the corner. Your Prince Charming doesn’t show up? He wasn’t meant for you… yours is still grooming his white horse.


When it comes to managing expectations, expect an experience, don’t overplan, and have a little faith. What’s meant to happen will happen. Click to tweet it out!


Have a FAB week!

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What are your thoughts, ideas, tips when it comes to managing expectations? Leave your comment below!