Trust your gut.

Trust your gut. ‘nuff said.

Do you do enough of it?

This week I had a big decision to make. I actually thought I had made it, however I was a little uneasy after I had. And so I made a different decision.

Now as I wrote about in a recent post, it’s important to be able to make decisions. It’s what moves you forward. The most successful people are those who have the habit of being able to reach decisions promptly. Napolean Hill goes into great depth on this very subject in his infamous book ‘Think and Grow Rich.’

That being said, it’s also important to make the right ones. And important decisions cannot be rushed.

A great discussion ensued during our Mastermind call last night on this very subject. Trust your instincts; trust your GUT. Get quiet, go inward, and listen to your intuition.

We all have decisions to make on a regular basis – some larger than others. And you may have a certain procedure you follow. Perhaps you complete a pros/cons list, fill in a decision-making matrix, or maybe you survey your friends, family members, trusted colleagues, or mentors. While it’s okay to do any or all of these things (although careful youre not asking TOO many people as that can easily confuse you even more!), at the end of the day, only YOU know what’s right for you.

Making decisions are not always easy. It takes courage. It takes confidence. And it takes a little bit of faith. And you’ve got them all.

Making an important decision? Get quiet, go inward, and listen to your intuition. Put simply, trust your gut. You got this! (Click to tweet it out.)

Have a FAB week!

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