25 small ways to have BIG fun over the holidays!

Happy Friday!

And greetings from St. Anne’s Spa! (As you’re reading this I’m enjoying a mini girls getaway ~ and BOY am I excited to lounge in my robe and simply indulge in girl time, and hopefully in the hot tub!…)

As exciting as this time of year can be, as I wrote about last week, it’s also a time our to-do lists can easily take on a life of their own!

It’s time to take a step back and reconnect with what this season is all about.

Now I’m all about small, do-able, fun activities that can make a big difference. For you, and for others.

And so, seeing as how we’re now knee deep into the festive season, (those of us celebrating Christmas – it’s only 10 days out! Ca-RAZY!), I feel it’s time to have a little fun.

Here are 25 ways you can easily add a little bit of merry to your holiday season, and/or bring a little joy to others.


  1. Make a snow angel
  2. Donate to your local food bank
  3. Send yourself a Christmas Card (why not?!?) and then give your postman (or postwoman!) a card while you’re at it
  4. Get a sparkly festive manicure
  5. Shovel a neighbour’s driveway or sidewalk
  6. Buy yourself a poinsettia
  7. Invent a Christmas Cocktail
  8. Spend a day in your robe and just do nothing
  9. Buy coffee for the person behind you in line
  10. Go to the movies to watch a vintage holiday classic
  11. Learn a Christmas tune on the ukulele or the nose flute (talk to me if you’ve never heard of the nose flute, and I’ll introduce you to my good friend David Gouthro, who also happens to be the founder of the Vancouver Nose Flute Ensemble!)
  12. Buy a festive and comfy fleece onesie
  13. Go to a fancy store, and try on a ridiculously expensive fuzzy, furry item… just ‘cause!
  14. Go to your local Children’s Hospital and enjoy some meaningful visits
  15. Buy chocolates for an old teacher, a mentor, or yourself
  16. Build a Snowman
  17. Go ice skating
  18. Put on a pair of reindeer antlers and walk around town as if all is normal. Maybe even make some ‘neeeiigh’ sounds
  19. Indulge in an obnoxiously large and fancy hot chocolate or other holiday beverage (I’m talking like Venti Pumpkin Spiced Egg Nog Gingerbread Latte styles!)
  20. Bond with a stranger turned friend (like Officer Mark Woo, see pic above!)
  21. Treat yourself to a mini spa getaway, with your girlfriends or on your own!
  22. Bake cookies
  23. Make a holiday craft (I always found reindeer candy canes the easiest!)
  24. Get a few friends or neighbours together and go Christmas Caroling
  25. Crank up the Christmas tunes while driving, while cooking, or whenever… and get into them!


There you have it. What one item will YOU commit to doing this week? And this list is NOT exhaustive… so if you have some ideas to add, share them below!

It’s not about trying to simply add more to your to-do list, rather offer you a fun little break of sorts, and get re-connected with what this holiday season is all about.

I’ll be honest with you, earlier this week I was having a pretty stressful, not overly productive day. And then I made a new friend at Starbucks, had a festive drink, and it turned my whole day around.

Give it five minutes, and just watch what happens!

Have a FAB time making merry this week!

Carol - high res



P.S. T-5 days until I leave for my Remote Year… EEK!