What do selfies, stickers, and scotch have in common?

What do selfies, stickers, and scotch have in common?

On Wednesday evening, while out for dinner with a few fabulous females in my life up to BIG things, we laughed until we cried. LITERALLY.

I hadn’t done that in while! And boy did it feel good.

I’m all about having fun – and yet sometimes I let the seriousness of business and all of the goings-ons (exciting as they are) to get in the way…

It was no wonder when we got back to my place that evening and ended up selling my pull-out couch to a random stranger turned friend (seriously, we’ve been texting back and forth and now we’re getting together!), we had so much FUN trying to maneuver this thing and all its pieces onto luggage carts and dollies and in and out of the elevator and into the borrowed van… hilarious.

Here’s what she wrote the next day: “We talked about how much fun we had picking up, conversing, laughing, problem solving and moving the couch… who knew it would be such an enjoyable experience and adventure! Best kijiji purchase and interaction EVER – a pure pleasure!”

That morning, my friend and sleepover guest and I decided to pull out daily meditation cards (shout out to May You Know Joy… LOVE these cards!) and not surprisingly, the one I happened to pick out of the deck was “Today, I choose playfulness.”

I do try to bring play into all I do, and yet sometimes I feel I need to apologize for it, or like I need to be more business-like, or appear more professional in how I present my brand both on and offline.

Yet if I’m honest, I actually think we need to bring MORE play into both our business world and into our lives!

And that’s why, as part of presentation I gave to the City of Brampton Economic Development Centre this week I taught the participants how to take the perfect seflie. Now although some were totally getting out of their comfort zones, there was also lots of laughter and they had FUN! (I know because a few said it was their favourite part of the presentation in their evaluations!!!)

And that’s why when working at the Lodge yesterday, and I gave out colourful little stickers to everyone there, faces brightened and shoulders dropped. There were fun conversations and neat connections that ensued.

And that’s also why, when invited to a scotch tasting event last night, even though I don’t even drink scotch, I said yes. Because although I have a LOT of exciting things going on and a lot to do, it’s also important to find time to PLAY.

In fact, I would dare to say I NEED to play in order to be more productive.

And I would dare to say YOU could use a bit more play in your life, too.


SO, what do selfies, stickers, and scotch have in common?

This week, to me, they all meant PLAY.


There you have it, folks! All roads lead to play.

I truly feel this is especially important to remember as we’re experiencing the aftermath of the election results. (I’m not going to go there and shall refrain from commenting – as I’m not about to open up Pandora’s Box – and yet I was certainly affected this week…)

So, how can YOU add a little bit of playfulness into your work and into your life this week?

Perhaps you want to get yourself some stickers, or have fun practicing selfies, or say yes to trying a new bevvy!

Or maybe you want to colour. Go the park and have fun on the swings. Race down the grocery store aisle with your cart just because. Play a practical joke on someone in your family or a colleague (sneakily fill the coffee pot with decaf instead of regular… that’s always a good one!)

Whatever you choose, I dare you to have some FUN this week. To allow yourself to play. To laugh until you cry.

It will make you feel SO good, trust me.

What do selfies, stickers, and scotch have in common? All roads lead to play! We ALL need more play in our lives. (Click to tweet it out!)


Have a FAB week!

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Game ON! A simple strategy to turn your problems into play (hear me out!)

My week in pics: Working hard and playing hard. Much needed downtime with friends, being interviewed on Rogers TV (I even got the host, Kristen, to create her very own bucket list!), shooting my first video course for our upcoming Digital Retreat, yoga and brainstorming with Bobby Umar, dinner with the incredible Josselyne, St. Patty’s Day.


Game ON! A simple strategy to turn your problems into play (hear me out!)

On Tuesday evening, I listened to an incredible thought-leader, change maker, and friend, who was in from New York to deliver a program for a few hundred people. Over dinner the previous night, she challenged me to take on a game in an area of my life where I haven’t been feeling totally fulfilled (okay I’ll be transparent here, it’s around me wanting to find my match!). Inspired, I agreed to take on the challenge.

However it wasn’t until the following night, while listening to her, when I had an ah-ha as to the connection between potential ‘problems,’ and games.

She took us through a simple exercise.


Step One: Think of a problem in your life, and write it in the following format:

I want X, but Y.

Example. I want to start my own business, but I don’t know where to start.

Step Two: Cross out the word ‘BUT’

(if you recall I made a commitment a while back to remove the word ‘but’ from my vocabulary all together… so I was on board! Yes, I still use it on occasion, AND I’ve come a long way!)

Step Three: Replace the ‘BUT’ with ‘AND.’
Step Four: Re-read the sentence.

Boom! Just like that, you’ve transformed your problem into merely a statement. A fact.

You see in reality, problems don’t exist. They only exist in our minds, because we make them so.

As soon as you replace the ‘but’ with an ‘and’, your mind automatically activates its natural tendency to go into solution finding mode.

So, now I’m going to take it one step further. How can you create a GAME out of what was once your problem?

Example. I want to start a group for folks who play the nose flute (it’s a real thing! My friend David Gouthro even started a well-respected Nose Flute ensemble in Vancouver!) AND, I don’t know anyone who plays.

Now create a GAME around it! How many people can you introduce the nose flute to in a week? A month? How many people can you meet on social media that may play the nose flute? How many events can you go to, to introduce the nose flute to? How many nose flutes can you give away, teaching how to play as you do? How many phone calls, emails, personal invites can you get out?

Maybe you choose to tell 2 new people every day about the amazingness that is the nose flute. That’s your game. And so every day, all you have to do is meet your quota, come hell or high water, and you’ve won.

People take games very seriously. (Even some of my own friends take their games ~ be it Monopoly, Gin Rummy, or Cards Against Humanity ~ VERY seriously!)

So commit to playing a game with yourself. Write out a problem, change the statement, and create a game for you to play. Have fun with it. And, best of all, you’ll end up solving what was once your ‘problem’ in the first place!

Game ON. Because we all want less problems and more play in our lives. (Click to tweet!)

 I’m off to the slopes! Have a FAB week!

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Are your inexcusable excuses being disguised as reasonable reasons?

My week in pics: Speaking in Florida and enjoying time with my iaap peeps, squeezing in the last day of Ice Wine Fest with my Dad, attending Networking in Action event with Jennifer Beale and Leigh Mitchell and lots of happy faces!

Are your inexcusable excuses being disguised as reasonable reasons?

As of late, I’ve been noticing myself using valid reasoning (at least in my mind) to explain why maybe I haven’t been checking certain things off the do-list list, followed through with certain actions, or pressed snooze when the alarm goes off. I’ve been traveling. I’ve had extra doctor’s appointments for my knee. I’ve come down with a cold and deserve to sleep in.

Now some of these reasons may very well be valid. And yet there is a slippery slope where reasons may actually be excuses in disguise.

Sometimes we’re not even aware of our own excuses, as they have become so second nature to us. Or they act as an invisible blanket that keeps us safe in our comfort zone. Often those close to us can likely predict our response to a certain question or opportunity, before we even answer, as they are so used to hearing our excuses.

I don’t have enough time. I don’t have enough money. I’m not ready. I need to get  _X_  figured out first. I have to look after this or that or him or her.

You see we could live in the world of excuses. Or we could take action and create the life we really want for ourselves.

One of the recent modules of one of my amazing Masterminds had us create a ‘Loser Wall’, where we had to write out all of our excuses, and place them on a wall that we would walk by regularly. I filled a giant white board that now sits in my office space. The idea is that if we read the excuses we use on a regular basis, they will soon appear ridiculous.

It’s easy to come up with excuses. It’s easy to stay where we’re at. And it’s easy to put off until tomorrow what we could be doing today.

Yet tomorrow never comes.

So you either stop with the excuses today, or you live in excuseville until the cows come home.

Are you living with reasonable reasons? Or might they be disguised as inexcusable excuses? It’s time to get real (Click to tweet it out!)

It’s time to stop with the excuses. I’m talking to you, I’m talking to me, I’m talking to all of us.

We’re here to dream a bigger dream. To play a bigger game. To live a bigger life. And if we continue to wear our excuses, we’re selling ourselves short.

So if you’ve fallen off the wagon after this first month, it’s all good. Dust yourself off and jump back on. No more excuses. You got this.

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7 Ways to live big (or even BIGGER!) in 2016

7 Ways to live big (or even BIGGER!) in 2016

Ready to live BIG (or even BIGGER) this year? Here are 7 ways… and to make them easier to remember, they even spell out L.I.V.E. B.I.G.!

Learn something new every day.

The only way you’re going to escape the mediocrity trap, and live a bigger life, is if you’re constantly challenging yourself to grow. And one of the best ways you can grow is to ensure you’re learning new things all of the time.

It could be as simple as learning a new way to cut your morning piece of fruit, or as complex as choosing to learn a new language.


Ignite your passions.

 Do you love to dance? To sing? To have picnics in the park?

Perhaps you love exploring local coffee shops to find that perfect flat white.

Whatever you love to do, whatever makes your heart sing, do more of that this year.

Although there’s a lot of pressure to find your ‘purpose’ these days (I’ll be the first to admit I’m constantly striving to find it!), maybe we can alleviate some of that pressure. Instead of stressing over “finding your purpose”, focus on igniting your passions…the latter may even end up informing the former.

 Vibrate Positivity and Gratitude.

 Research states that the two most powerful human emotions are positivity and gratitude. Are you consciously practicing both of these?

It’s all too easy to focus on what you haven’t accomplished, or what you don’t have, instead of what you DO have! Get in the habit of sending out some positive and grateful vibes on a regular basis… and watch what happens!

Experience the Moments.

Life is made up of moments. And, are we too busy to fully appreciate them?

As Ferris Bueller says: “Life moves pretty fast, if you don’t stop and look around every once in a while, you could miss it!”

Don’t let 2016 pass you by. Take some time to truly be present to experience, indulge in, and cherish the moments.

Be even more you.

When was the last time you took yourself out on a date? Spend some time getting to know yourself even better this year. It may sound funny, but I honestly believe we don’t spend enough time with ourselves.

Enjoy your own company. Embrace your gifts, as well as your quirks. Don’t hide your idiosyncrasies, flaunt them! And stop trying to keep up with the Jones’… begin to love all that you are and all that you’re not.

Inspire Action (and get OUT of your comfort zone!)

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. How do you take action towards what you really want? One step at a time. And yes, that may mean getting uncomfortable and even facing your fears.

Life really does begin at the edge of your comfort zone. Now there’s a reason why 85% of the population live in their comfort zones… it is, after all, comfortable! BUT, it’s not where the game of life really gets played.

Stretch yourself just a little bit more this year. Dare to try. Dare to fly. You might surprise yourself!

Give back; give big.

 “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” ~ Winston Churchill

It’s so true. Whether it’s with your time, your money, or your energy, give away a little of what you’ve got. It could be simply giving your friend or your significant other your full attention and a listening ear, or it could be volunteering your time on a regular basis to a cause that matters to you.

It’s important to think about what you want for you this year, yes… and yet it’s more fulfilling when you also think about what you want for others (plus you’ll end up getting more in return, trust me!)


So there you have it. Resolutions aside, goal-setter or no goal-setter, here are 7 ways to live even bigger this year. Make this year count. Make it one to remember. Make it BIG. (Click to tweet it out!)


Have a FAB week!

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P.S. If you are serious about living BIG this year, and are interested in applying to be a part of our Living BIG Inner Circle Mastermind, go HERE for more information.

 P.P.S. I will be in Nicaragua hosting a retreat this week, with limited access to email, so I’ll be replying to your messages and/or comments after Jan. 16th. Thanks for your understanding!


10 Things You Should Know Before You Die

10 Things You Should Know Before You Die (inspired by Stuart Knight’s Top 10 Event)

My week in pics (clockwise from BL:) Happy Halloween! Million Dollar Smiles Gala event (with Inspector Gadget!!!) Lodge on Queen Halloween Party, fun at the Raptors game (and we won!), beautiful fall day in Toronto, Stuart Knight’s Top 10 Event (with Ruth Tal, founder of Fresh Restaurants, CAPS friends, partner in crime Bonnie Chan, and improv & TV star Naomi Snieckus), Living BIG Mastermind final soirée!


10 celebrated Canadians. 10 minutes each. 10 things you should know before you die.

This was the concept of Stuart Knight’s Top 10 Event, which took place on Tuesday evening, at the Jane Mallet Theatre in Toronto, in honour of the World Wildlife Fund.

I love attending inspiring events such as this one, and so I was all over it. And inspiring it was. However not only because the celebrated Canadians included the likes of Ruth Tal (founder of Fresh Restaurants), Mark Breslin (Founder of Yuk Yuks), Naomi Snieckus (TV & improv starcheck out the pics above!) but because they each dug deep, looked back on their lives to date, and thought hard about what one piece of advice they would like to impart to the world.

There were certainly some golden nuggets shared. However the real gold was in their stories.

Although time and space won’t allow me to share all in detail (its Friday after all youve no doubt got loose ends to clean up and a weekend ahead to prepare for!) I do want to share some nugget highlights, in the order they spoke.


Healthy people have healthy habits. They have friends, and they move.” ~ Julie Daniluk

Her story of being bed ridden for months due to what she used to feed her body, to full recovery by completely transforming her health habits, was amazing. She now shares her wisdom as host of  Healthy Gourmet on The Oprah Winfrey Network.


“Its all about perspective.” ~ David Common

This Gemini-winning journalist blew us away with stories from the catastrophic Haiti earthquake and the war in Syria.


Follow your own path. No one can choose for you better than you can for yourself.” ~ Ruth Tal

This idea really resonated with me ~ as I am all about authenticity. And in a world full of information and judgment and people all too keen to share their opinions, sometimes you need to get quiet, trust your gut, and create your own life.


The world looks beautiful when you look through it with your eyes open.” ~ Arthur Fleischmann

Arthurs story was incredibly inspiring. This quote came from his daughter, Carly, who is autistic, cannot speak, and yet is changing the world.


“Know what you want. Figure out what you want. Go after what you want.” ~ Naomi Snieckus

Naomi flew across the country to crash a Second City audition, and landed a spot in the touring company. As they say, once you figure out the WHAT, youll figure out the HOW.


Id rather choke on greatness than nibble on mediocrity.” ~ Charles Marcus

Charles had a sever speech impediment and is now a top International motivational speaker. Ooh that line was a goodie. Its not enough to be good what are you prepared to do to be GREAT?


Find your community. Find your voice. Fight for what you believe in.” ~ Ashley Rose Murphy

This young, incredibly inspiring teenager was born with Aids, and her advocacy, speaking all over the world sharing her story, is certainly changing lives.


You cant fail unless you quit.” ~ Gail Harvey

This award-winning photographer and Film Director documented Terry Foxs journey across Canada. Inspiring would be an understatement. This line hit home, too. So, the moral of the story? Don’t EVER give up, and you’ll never fail! 


“One person can make a difference.” ~ Ziya Tong

Co-host of the Daily Planet, Ziya wow-ed us with the amazing work she is doing for WWF. She has saved more than one endangered species through her work did you know there were 8.7 MILLION animal species out there?!? And we are the only one that controls all the rest…


“Every moment matters.” ~ Mark Bresllin

The humble, founder of Yuk Yuks summed it up right.

Indeed. And that is exactly what I did when I chose to walk from one end of the city, enjoying the brisk night air. Making the moment matter.


Whenever I attend a powerful evening such as this, I can’t help but reflect on my own journey, my big learnings, and what I am going to think or do differently as a result.

And now I challenge you to do the same thing. Dig deep into your own story. If you could only impart one piece of advice to the world, what would it be? And are you a living example of that piece of advice right here, right now?


Listen to people’s stories. Share your own story. Stories are powerful, and when shared, they make a positive ripple effect on the world. (Click to tweet it out!)

Have a FAB week!

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What have you learned from these nuggets? Was there one nugget that resonated especially powerfully for you? Wanna share your own nugget? I want to hear from you in the comments below.

Do you have a positive peeps possé?

Do you have a positive peeps possé?

Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher.  ~ Oprah Winfrey

I am SUPER fortunate to have so many incredible people in my life who support me, encourage me, challenge me, and love me in spite of all my idiosyncrasies (we all have them!) and craziness. And I am extremely grateful for each and every one of them.

We all need those people in our lives that lift us up, help us to see the positive, raise our energy levels. You know what I mean… the people you just LOVE being around, because being in their presence instantly makes you happy?

And on the flip side, you’ve also likely experienced being around people that simply drain your energy, bring you down, and are full of negativity. Perhaps you don’t even notice while around them, however you leave their presence feeling simply EXHAUSTED?!?

Life is too short, and we have too many important things to be doing, to be around anyone other than those who make us feel good, those that make us happy, those that we can be totally ourselves with and will always love us

You need to have your own ‘Positive Peeps Posse.’ What is that, you may ask?

A group of people ~ be them alive or dead, friends or strangers ~ who inspire you, bring you joy, make you want to be the best version of yourself.

Ready to create your OWN Positive Peeps Possé’? Heres how:
  1. Brainstorm a list of 5 -10 people who you look up to, bring positivity into your life, act as your cheerleader. (This list can also include folks you havent even met yet, however you know would be cheering you on (e.g. Ellen DeGeneres is on mine!)
  2. Reflect on who is on that list, and who is NOT.
  3. Acknowledge the peeps in your life that ARE on that list. Let them know you appreciate them!
  4. Consider the peeps in your life that you perhaps expected to be on the list, and yet are not.
  5. Choose what you want to do about it.


Are there people in your life that are in your possé, and yet it’s been a while since you reached out to them?

Are there people in your life that perhaps are no longer serving you, that you may need to let go of?

Are YOU acting as a member of other positive peeps’ possés?


They say you become the average of the five people you hang around with most…

Who are you hanging around? And who are you being when others are hanging around you?

Surround yourself only by those who lift you up. Create your own positive peeps possé. Be a positive peeps person yourself. (Click to tweet it out!)

Happy Autumn, and have a FAB week!

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Who is in YOUR positive peeps possé? What changes might you be making? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

Just say NO! (Sometimes you have to.)

Just say NO! (Sometimes you have to.)

Do you remember the ‘Just Say No’ campaign from the late 80’s?!? I may be dating myself here, but I’m sure I’m not the only one who remembers those advertisements, commercials, slogans, etc.

This campaign was originally aimed at saying no to drugs. Well, I certainly agree with the sentiment. However, today I would like to bring it back to life ~ albeit with a new focus. I would like to campaign and encourage you to Just say NO! to anything or anyone that is simply not serving you right now. To whatever or whomever is asking something of you ~ your time, energy, or expertise ~ that is simply not what or where you should be focusing on right now.

I’ll admit I am a ‘yes’ girl. I want to say yes, I enjoy saying yes, I feel good when I say yes. WHY? Well, good reasons abound. Perhaps you can relate to one or more of the following:

  • I love saying yes to new opportunities
  • l like being positive and open to whatever life may have to offer
  • I like to please others (or whomever is asking)
  • I don’t want to let anyone down
  • I don’t want to experience FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out!)
  • I’m afraid to say no!

Any of these reasons sound familiar?!?

Well, as much as I enjoy saying yes, I have come to realize this last little while more than ever that sometimes you simply gotta JUST SAY NO!

Especially if you want to make room for what’s really important in your life.

This is what my September ‘Living BIG’ challenge is all about. I know I’ve spoken about it before, so I’m going to stop rambling now and let you watch the video!


September Living BIG Challenge


Are you going to take on the challenge with me? What or who can YOU say no to in your life right now?


Sometimes you gotta say no, in order to be able to say yes. (Click to tweet it out!)

And remember, saying no doesn’t make you a mean person, a selfish person, or a bad person. It just means you are listening to what YOU need right now, and respecting yourself, your needs, and your limits.

It means being realistic about what is possible, and being honest about what is most important to you.

And yes, NO is a complete sentence!

Have a FAB week!

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Are you up for a little spontaneous spontaneity?

My week in pictures: Wanderlust Triathlon on Toronto Island with Women Living BIG, amazing Living BIG Mastermind members, NKOTB concert!!!

Happy Friday!
 “No matter how many plans you make or how much in control you are, life is always winging it.” ~ Carroll Bryant

When was the last time you experienced a moment of unbridled spontaneity?

It’s good to make plans, to have routines, to follow schedules. Otherwise nothing would get done! AND, it’s also important to make room for a little spontaneity in your life. Because that is what keeps life exciting!

And that is exactly the theme of my July living BIG monthly challenge.

So, you could read about it, or you could simply watch the video!


Spontaneity allows for a little improvisation, thinking on your feet, saying yes to something before you know totally what you’re doing. It also allows you to be in the now, in the present moment, and to have fun.

Summer is the perfect time to practice a little bit of spontaneous spontaneity. Are you up for the adventure? (Click to tweet it out!)

Have a FAB week!

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Are you committed to adding a bit of spontaneity into your life this week, this month? Share your thoughts and comments (or spontaneous adventures!) below!

P.S. If you are up for a BIG spontaneous adventure – why not join me on my retreat in Sri Lanka? Adventure, education, and wellness ~ you’ll come home transformed! Nov. 2-12, all flights and accommodation included. Email me for more information!


Trust your gut.

Trust your gut. ‘nuff said.

Do you do enough of it?

This week I had a big decision to make. I actually thought I had made it, however I was a little uneasy after I had. And so I made a different decision.

Now as I wrote about in a recent post, it’s important to be able to make decisions. It’s what moves you forward. The most successful people are those who have the habit of being able to reach decisions promptly. Napolean Hill goes into great depth on this very subject in his infamous book ‘Think and Grow Rich.’

That being said, it’s also important to make the right ones. And important decisions cannot be rushed.

A great discussion ensued during our Mastermind call last night on this very subject. Trust your instincts; trust your GUT. Get quiet, go inward, and listen to your intuition.

We all have decisions to make on a regular basis – some larger than others. And you may have a certain procedure you follow. Perhaps you complete a pros/cons list, fill in a decision-making matrix, or maybe you survey your friends, family members, trusted colleagues, or mentors. While it’s okay to do any or all of these things (although careful youre not asking TOO many people as that can easily confuse you even more!), at the end of the day, only YOU know what’s right for you.

Making decisions are not always easy. It takes courage. It takes confidence. And it takes a little bit of faith. And you’ve got them all.

Making an important decision? Get quiet, go inward, and listen to your intuition. Put simply, trust your gut. You got this! (Click to tweet it out.)

Have a FAB week!

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Good things come to those who wait.

Be patient. Good things come to those who wait.

I often save my fortunes ~ and those were the words written on an old fortune I had in my wallet ~ which I happened to pull out randomly while waiting for the subway on Wednesday.

It made me smile.

I am one of those people who thought I would get married at 21 (this was when I was 12, mind you!), have 4 or 5 kids by 30, and a thriving career like, yesterday.

Right. So life doesn’t always happen as planned, or perhaps not as quickly. Patience is a tough, albeit important, virtue and practice.

I used to blame my genes for my seemingly lack of patience. My mother was an incredible woman, and I could use any number of amazing qualities to describe her, and yet patient would not be one of them!

At some point, however, we can no longer blame our upbringing or our past for who we are, we have to take responsibility for who we want to become.

Because we live in a world where instant gratification takes too long, it is all the more important that patience become a practice. (Click to tweet it out!)

Those overnight successes that we see on a regular basis? They likely took at least 10 years in the making. Research shows it takes 10,000 hours to achieve mastery.

Love at first sight? Although I won’t argue that it doesn’t exist, finding your person, and building a loving, committed relationship, is going to take time.

And when it comes to becoming fit and healthy, learning how to play a new instrument or a new sport, creating new morning rituals, improving your productivity, building a spiritual practice… all of these things require time, and yes, patience.

We have our whole lives ahead of us. And we have our whole lives to be a work in progress. So what’s the rush?!?

With a little bit of patience, enough perseverance, and a whole lotta fierce self love, anything is possible.

Good things come to those who wait. The fortune said so ~ so it must be true!

Have a FAB week!

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And now I’d love to hear from you. What are your thoughts when it comes to patience? Any tips you’d like to share? Or perhaps another fortune that you have saved and would like to share?!?

I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.