How are you making waves in your life?

There is something so calming about listening to the sound of waves crashing. I’ve been fortunate to have been listening to this sound all week, while co-leading a Pilates, Yoga, & Living BIG retreat in Nicaragua with 21 amazing, empowered women.

‘Advice from the Ocean’

Be shore of yourself.

Come out of your shell.

Take time to coast.

Avoid pier pressure.

Sea┬álife’s beauty.

Don’t get tide down.

Makes WAVES!


I was in the middle of delivering a workshop in the elevated studio, al about thinking bigger and really committing to what we wanted for ourselves and our lives in 2016. After posing a particular question to the group, holding space for whomever felt comfortable sharing, I looked up and saw this poem written on a piece of wood. Quite apropos.

Hard to believe it’s out last day on what has been a transformational retreat ~ Pilates, yoga, and Living BIG ~ and amazing to think of what has transpired over this past week.

From surfing, to service work at the local school, (mixed concrete for the first time ~ hard but satisfying work!), to sliding down Cerro Negro volcano boarding (oh my goodness what an experience!) ~ we’ve been making waves. Waves in our own lives, and waves in the lives of others. Actions that cause lasting ripples… pretty powerful.

Being here, and really trying to ‘be’ here (this is the first time I’m breaking the disconnection detox all week) has really got me thinking. The growing, the stretching, the expansion that has taken place amongst these 21 women, and I’m not just talking about on the mat, has been incredibly inspiring.

While traveling always brings about new learnings and new perspectives, you don’t necessarily have to cross oceans or continents to truly experience your life. And you don’t necessarily have to be a Mother Teresa or a Nelson Mandela to make waves.

How are YOU making waves in your life? Your actions have the power to create lasting ripples… in your own life, as well as in the lives of others. (Click to tweet it out!)

How are YOU making waves in your life?

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