Get outta here! No really, get OUT of here!

Get outta here!

My week in pictures: (L-R;T-B) Ladies Who Brunch, trying my first drum circle, indulging in my first ice cream of the season, attending a fundraiser for Children’s Discovery Centre, enjoying great seats at my first Jays game of the season, attending Forum for Women Entrepreneurs (FWE) celebrating entrepreneurship with Christine Day in Thompson Hotel Lobby 

The city and everyone in it appear so much more vibrant these days. Myself included! The sun is out, patios are a-bustling, and there is the promise of four months of sunshine and good times ahead.

It’s exciting. And, with all of this excitement, may come feelings of wanting to shut down work early – or on the other side of the spectrum – a flurry of ideas and an urge to do it all and maximize every moment.

It can be go go go time in the mind… which is all the more reason it’s super important to also get some down time, or break time. Some time to get away from it all.

Are you taking regular breaks in your life?

So many high performance folks are extremely diligent about their breaks. They take regularly scheduled breaks throughout the day (carefully monitored with stop watches and all), their weeks, and longer breaks every few months throughout the year.


Here are some ideas of how you can take, or plan, a break today.


1. Get outside

I know so many people who swear by morning walks, or evening strolls, or folks who ensure they get their daily dose of fresh air. Even a few minutes in the great outdoors can do wonders. It can clear your head, or get the creative juices flowing. I’m back to running outside, and some of my best ideas come when I am out in nature and working up a sweat.

2. Get away for a night

Our schedules, and/or our budgets, may not allow for a full-on getaway right now. However, even a night away can make a big difference. I recently took myself away for an overnight over the Easter weekend. It was lovely – and when I came back to the city, I felt as though I had been away for ages!

3.  Get out of your routine

Sometimes breaking from habit can provide the break we need from the daily grind. Perhaps one morning you get up a little earlier, try a different kind of coffee or tea, or take a different route to your office. Or maybe you take a break from a chock-full schedule and have an open day to do whatever feels right. Structure is good, and sometimes so is spontaneity.

4. Get out of your comfort zone

When was the last time you tried something new? I have always wanted to participate in a drum circle, and so when I was walking back from my ‘Ladies Who Brunch’ group on Sunday, and happened to see a drum circle setting up at Trinity Bellwoods Park, I couldn’t help but inquire. Turns out there was a lesson that would be starting soon, followed by an open circle. Count me in! A little break from my Sunday to try something new… and it was so fun!

5. Get planning your next big trip!

Do you have a significant break, i.e. a proper getaway, planned in your future? There is nothing like getting away from it all and having an experience abroad. I don’t think in any of my trips and travels I haven’t come back somehow changed, charged, and a whole lot more refreshed and ready to take on the world. Is there a destination or an adventure you’ve always wanted to take? Start planning NOW, and you can make it happen!

(And if you are looking for ideas of trips you may want to take – here comes the shameless plug – I am co-leading a wellness and living BIG retreat in Nicaragua in January 2016, and a 12-day retreat in Sri Lanka in November! I would LOVE to have you join me!)

That’s all, folks!

Get outside. Get away. Get out of your routine. Get out of our comfort zone. Get planning your next big trip. It’s time for a break! It’ll work wonders. (Click to tweet it out!)


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And, as per usual, I want to hear from YOU! What do you do to take breaks? What are you going to take on? I’d love to read your thoughts and comments below.