3 Little Life Lessons Learned While Stuck in Traffic

My week in pictures…(L-R:) Happy Hour, waterskiing (got up on 1 ski for the first time!), celebrating some colleagues exciting book launch, my fave work place Colette, PanAM Games in Toronto!

Yesterday I was stuck in traffic. And I mean, a lot of it. However, with the PanAM Games officially opening this week, it’s to be expected. And so, instead of complaining like so many folks are already doing, I thought I may as well embrace it, and see what could be learned from it. And actually, some simple yet profound life and business lessons came out.


Instead of trying to fight whatever situation you find yourself in ~ be it traffic, the torrential downpour I got caught it earlier this week, or an unexpected cancellation ~ simply surrender.

I remember a term I first learned when doing my yoga teacher training, equanimity, which is the art of meeting chaos with calm. Maintaining composure regardless of what is happening around you.

Practice a little equanimity, a little surrendering, next time life presents you with something out of your control. Take a step back, breathe, and allow whatever needs to happen unfold.


Celebrate the fact youre still moving.

It may be moments in traffic – however it may also be moments in your life and/or business – where you feel you are at a complete standstill. Yet if you’re honest with yourself that is rarely ever the case… and if it is, it’s fleeting.

It may appear as if you are moving very slowly, however recognize the fact you are still moving! Any step forward, regardless of how small or how slow, is still a step forward at the end of the day.


Go with the flow.

I had an amazing conversation with a good friend and someone I greatly admire a few nights ago. She used a river as a metaphor for how she views life. Sometimes, you just gotta go with the flow.

The same was true as I was sitting amongst all those cars. You can’t go against it, so you may as well go with it.


Surrender. Celebrate whatever pace you’re moving as you’re still moving forward. And go with the flow. 3 little life lessons I have traffic to thank for. Click to tweet it out!


Have a FAB week, and for those Torontonians out there, I hope can enjoy some of the PamAM festivities!



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