Is it your time… for Mobile Heaven?

My Week in Pics: From tapas to paella… and maximising the moments without a mobile phone.

Is it your time… for Mobile Heaven?

Happy Friday!

It’s funny. I’m old enough to know what life was like before cell phones existed. And somehow the world survived just fine!

And now, if anything happens to our phones, it’s like our world comes crashing down. And I’ll admit it, I’m no exception.

It’s been tough not having a properly working phone this past week. However as much as I value technology, the internet, and social media for all it can offer in terms of connection and relationship-building, I also think there may be a downside, too.

Watch this week’s video to hear about my latest mobile phone woes, and the challenge I’ve created as a result!


When you are experiencing something, checking something off of your bucket list (and trust me, I’m the Queen of Bucket List!), or engaging in your daily activities, are you actually experiencing? And what if you couldn’t post to social media, could you survive?

I invite you to take on this disconnection challenge… and find the joy in the action of DOING.

DO IT… and then share your experiences in the comments below. I dare you!

Have a FAB week!