7 Ways to fill up your cup (and I don’t mean with egg nog!!!)

Happy Friday!

...from where I sit in front of a roaring (faux) fire, glass of wine to my right, my father in his arm chair to my left. I think I may actually be feeling it’s the holiday season for the first time! I always feel more relaxed at the family home, and even moreso tonight as tomorrow morning I head off to Calgary to see the rest of the fam ~ my two sisters and their merry men, and my precious niece and nephew.

Yes, my holidays have begun!

Perhaps the other reason I feel more in the spirit is because I’ve been spoiling myself just a little this week…


No doubt you’re used to hearing: ‘you’ve got to take care of you!’It’s important to fill your own cup first so you have more to give!’ ‘Self-care is not being self-ish!’

Well I’m not going to spew at you what you’ve already heard or what you already know (regardless as to whether or not you practice it!)

I am, however, going to share why it’s okay to have off days, why it’s okay to have on days, and why it’s okay to have break days.


I have a confession. I kinda played hookey this week. A few times actually. Now I know that’s not entirely the case when you don’t have a boss to report to, however, I ditched the to-dos and the inbox and the new content schedule I created in order to have a little play time J.

Someone (or the Universe?!:) must have been looking out for me, as it’s exactly what I needed.

From Ladies Who Brunch to delish sushi lunch; wine with cousins to parties by the dozens (not quite!); pink wallpaper shopping to hot & plunge pool hopping… (like the rhymes?!?) I attended a live studio shooting of The Social on CTV, and saw Handel’s Messiah with my Dad-dy. Lots of fun times – and not so much work time! And it’s all good.

We all need some play time, some me time, some free time once in a while. Especially as things can get a little hairy at this time of year.


Some tips on how to fill you up when you’re ready to fret it up:

1. Surround yourself with people you love and who love you.

So grateful for all the amazing peeps in my life ~ be it my treasured girlfriends, my trusted guy friends, my lovely mentor friends, my fabulous family friends, my exciting network friends… be around people who lift you UP (especially when you’re down.)

2. Do something fun.

Plan a date with some of your peeps. See a show. Go to a live taping (like ‘The Social!’! SO fun! Buy a fancy coffee. Have a meal out. Watch a movie in.

3. Allow yourself a lie in.

So I slept in this week. Twice. And yeah, I had to work through some guilt. Yet it was likely just what my body needed. Plus it felt so darn good! If it’s not sleeping in, be sure to tune in to what it is your body needs.

4. Sweat it up.

So I’m doing “Insanity’ right now with Shawn T. ‘Dig DEEPER!’ (as he always yells!) Although I’m not always super keen for the workout before I do it, I always feel amazing (albeit exhausted!) afterwards. And if that’s not your thing, borrow your friend’s dog, go for a walk, and get some fresh air.

5. Do unto others.

Make it less about you and more about others. Share a compliment. Send a card. Acknowledge someone publicly. Write a testimonial. Volunteer. Spread a iittle love, spread a little cheer… it’ll come back to you ten-fold, trust me.

6. Disconnect already!

So ironically, my email was down for 3 days this week. I know, I know, how can you expect to run a business with no email? Trust me, it was incredibly frustrating. And if I’m honest, also somewhat freeing! I’m sure I missed some important messages, however, I had no idea what I was missing. And ignorance can be bliss J. Instead of waiting for your hosting account to collapse, go ahead and disconnect from all technology and social media ~ if only for a short while. It works wonders.

7. Treat yourself.

Whether it be to a latte, a day at BodyBlitz, all-you-can-eat sushi, a live show, a concert, ice cream, a bubble bath, a small gift, a sleep-in. Allow yourself to treat yourself and indulge in you. Because yes, you’re worth it.


It can be a very special, and very hectic, time of year. Looking back over last year, looking ahead to next, and busily preparing for the holidays in the now. Try not to get too caught up in it all. Keep smiling. And take breaks whenever you need them.

‘Tis the season for giving. And that includes to yourself. (Click to tweet it out!)

Okay, a second confession. I do like staying up late, however when I’ve done so for a few nights in a row and I’m starting to get sleepy, my eye lids have a hard time staying awake! It’s that time!

And so, I wish you a VERY Happy Holidays! Lots of merry tidings and glad cheer to you and yours!

Have a FAB holiday week!

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And now I want to hear form YOU ~ which of these tips might you try this week? Or what other suggestions do you to take a break from it all? I want to hear from you in the comments below!

Carol Schulte

Carol is a published author, has been featured in numerous magazines and podcasts, and is a returning guest expert on Rogers TV. Having lived and worked in 16 countries including Ashrams in India and vans in New Zealand, rocked dreadlocks in Thailand and shaved her head for breast cancer, she certainly walks her talk and brings a global perspective to all she does. When she’s not traveling or speaking on stage, you can find her volunteering as a bereavement facilitator, training for her next triathlon, or practicing her serious carpool karaoke game.

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