Anxious or excited? You get to choose.

Are you anxious, or perhaps just excited? 

Did you know that feeling nervous and feeling excited are actually the same thing?

Well, at least according to our brain they are. 

You see, psychologically they bring on the same chemical release within our brains. So the only real difference lies within our interpretation of what is happening. We label one as a negative experience (anxiety) and the other as a positive experience (excitement.)

Seriously?!? The only difference between the two is the label and interpretation we give it?


The choice is yours. 

Last week when in Calgary, I’ll admit I was a little nervous going into that talk. (Speaking to fellow speakers can be a little intimidating!) However, I decided to tell myself I wasn’t feeling nervous, I was simply feeling excited instead. 

Did it work? Well, sorta.

I mean, just knowing I could choose to feel more excited was empowering. And it did help a little. I was pumped!

And, I was still a tad nervous. 

Well, luckily we have our whole lives to be a work in progress!

(On another note, I will likely always still get a little anxious/excited before my talks. The moment I’m no longer nervous is the moment I’m no longer fully present or eager to give it my all…)

And, it’s actually not bad to feel this way.

Feeling anxious or nervous or uncomfortable means you’re growing. And if you want to grow, you better get used to feeling uncomfortable.

Comfort and growth cannot co-exist. 

So, we gotta be willing to get out of our comfort zones – be willing to get our brave on – and push through the nervousness (or excitement!) and do the thing anyway. 

Because that is the only way you’re going to grow. 

We can either be willing to get uncomfortable, or we can stay stagnant, play it safe, and play it small.

Again, the choice is yours. 

Hmmm… I wonder if I can change my feelings of anxiety to excitement over other things in my life. Say, taxes? 

Am I the only one who gets a little anxious when it comes to my accounting? And tax time of year can be overly, well taxing (pun intended!)

Okay, maybe there are some things I will never be ‘excited’ about! 

That’s life. 

It’s not always going to be fun. It ain’t always going to be easy. And if we want to grow, we gotta be willing to get uncomfortable and get our brave on!

Are you up for it?!?

I hope the answer is yes. Because you’re worth it. 

Short and sweet this week… it’s Easter after all!

So ‘HOP-py’ Easter, and even if you’re not celebrating, it’s still a great excuse to eat some extra chocolate this weekend!

Have a hoppin’ week!