Are you Setting Yourself up for Success? (and 3 ways to do just that.)

My week in pictures: Another fun ‘Ladies Who Brunch’ event, fabulous members of my ‘Women Living BIG’ focus group (stay tuned!), March ‘Living BIG’ monthly challenge video, having fun at the Toastmasters Evaluation contest, posing as a UofW grad as a friend’s plus one at their alumni night at Real Sports)

On Tuesday I gave a webinar to a group of fabulous ‘Pure Coaches.’ I was looking forward to reconnecting with the group, excited about the content, and eager to share. I had known about the date of this webinar for weeks ~ I planned it after all ~ and yet there I was, minutes before I was supposed to go live, still putting finishing touches on my slides. And then, in typical fashion, once I finally managed to upload them to the system, they weren’t coming up on the dashboard (turns out there was a small box labelled ‘enable slides’ I failed to check.)

At this point, however, I was too late. The webinar had begun, and I was leading. And so there I was ready to ‘get in the zone,’ listening to folks’ eager voices on the line and in the chatroom and welcoming everyone to the call live, while desperately still trying to get all things working properly on the backend.

Thanks to a little guidance ~ live, I might add, with everyone listening! ~ we got it sorted out. And although I eventually got into a groove, I was late getting to the party. Why?

I hadn’t set myself up for success. (ironically, this was one of the very points I was talking about as being so important on the webinar!)

Can you perhaps relate?

There are a few reasons behind WHY we may not be properly setting ourselves up for success. However, once we expose those suckers, we can choose to keep doing what we’ve been doing, or we can take back control and choose the path to greater productivity and potential.

1. You’re a self-sabotager

I can be very good at this. I remember when I used to have big theatre auditions, I would leave my audition preparation to the last second. I’d memorize the script, however half fast. Why? Because if I didn’t land the role, I had an excuse. I didn’t put my best foot forward. How was that setting myself up for success? It wasn’t. And I was the only one getting in my way.

TIP: Check in with yourself

Regularly. Take a moment to get real with what’s going on. Is it fear creeping in? Lack of confidence? Lack of skill? What do you need in place so you can get out of your own way? A cheerleader? An accountability partner? A coach to call you out on what you know is just BS?

2.You lack a solid plan

When I look at my week ahead, I get clear on my 3 biggest projects, all I want to achieve, and then set amazing intentions for myself. And yet, I often don’t follow-through on what I’ve set out to do. Why? I don’t always take the time to actually schedule it in.

I’m really good at scheduling in my appointments and events. I’m sure you are, too. Yet when it comes to scheduling in specific project or work time, I sometimes fall flat. Or I let things come in and trump that time. I often simply assume it will get done. Well, great intentions, however there needs to be the follow through.

TIP: Treat your calendar like your best friend

I know there are productivity tools and scheduling apps coming out the wazoo. And yet the good ol’ fashioned calendar should not be underestimated. If you know you need to put in a few hours of work on a big project, schedule it in. And just like you would never cancel on your best friend, don’t allow any excuses to get in the way of the date you have marked down in your calendar.

3. You’re simply juggling too many balls in the air

Sometimes when you are a go-getter, a just say yes-er, an opportunity creator, or an over-achieving superman/woman/person type, you find yourself involved in way too many projects – even for you – and you freeze. There is simply too many (albeit exciting) things on the go you simply don’t know where to begin. And so often you don’t. And then it’s only when that adrenaline kicks in at the 11th hour you get done what you must. At that point, however, instead of doing it in an enjoyable way, it’s in an overly stressed, ready-to-pull-your-hair-out kind of way.

TIP: Do a brain dump, breathe, and pause before saying yes

I’ll admit I’ve been in this place, and more than once, where I do not feel on top of everything I have going on. First, I like to do a brain dump. Get it ALL out on paper. Everything I am involved with, am juggling, have to get to. Anything and everything that is taking up mental space. For me, just having a visual brings about a state of calm. And then take a few breaths. Or do some movement and/or meditation. It helps, trust me. And then, moving forward, get in the habit of taking some time before saying yes.

Often us ‘yes’ folk tend to enjoy helping and people-pleasing. And although not a bad thing, it doesn’t mean we have to say yes to everyone and everything that is presented to us. Get in the habit of taking some time before deciding yourself, or answering back to someone’s offer. And no, it’s not being rude, it’s being respectful.. to you, the other person, and your sanity :-).

So there you have it. Stop self-sabotaging. Use a calendar. Brain dump and pause. Set yourself up for your greatest success. You deserve it. (Click to tweet it out!)

Have a FAB week!

And don’t forget to come and see me at some of the amazing Women’s Day events going on!

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