One Step At A Time… Valuable Lessons Learned From the Triathlon!

I wouldn’t say I’m the strongest swimmer. 

And it is by far my weakest leg of the three – swim, bike, run.

It is also the first leg, the scariest, and only a few minutes in I totally panicked!

You see, last week I completed in a sprint triathlon. 

Luckily I made it out of the water, however proceeded to have some hiccups on both the bike, as well as the run legs.

Did I manage to complete the race in the end, you may be wondering?!?

I did actually, and somehow managed to place 3rd in my age category!

However, I learned a few valuable lessons that day. Important lessons that are also quite relevant to life. 

Watch this week’s video as I reveal what really happened, and share my top 5 learnings.

Next time you’re facing a bit of a challenge, or committed to doing something that scares you, remember these valuable lessons.

And then I wanna hear from you!

Share below how you are going to put one or more into practice this week.

And then share this video with someone in your life you think could benefit. Sharing is caring, after all!

Have a FAB week!

7 Secret Benefits To Being Outdoors!

I’m still on a nature high.

This past weekend, I attended Dovetail Summit ~ an incredible experience for female entrepreneurs and business owners from all around the world. We were in beautiful Fernie, BC and spent time white water rafting, hiking, ropes coursing, mountain biking… we even took a surprise helicopter ride through the Rockies! The views were stunning.

And then the adventure continued, when a friend and I decided to go for some epic hiking to Kananaskis Country, about 1.5hrs outside of Calgary.

When we finally arrived at Rawson Lake (pictured above) it was one of those moments you wish you could freeze in time forever… the views were breathtaking, the sights and smells glorious, and with no reception you weren’t even tempted to connect to your devices.

I love spending time outdoors and in nature, and I wanted to dig deeper to discover what other benefits below the surface existed.

Well, I certainly discovered a lot!

In this digital age where our brains are easily overwhelmed and overworked with modern multi-tasking and the multitude of stimuli and distractions at any given moment, we could do with some time outdoors.

Watch this week’s video to learn 7 secret benefits to being outdoors! They will make you want to sign off pronto and head to the park stat. 

So, which of the 7 secret benefits surprised you the most?

And what are you going to do to ensure you get into nature this week?

I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

Have a FAB week!



Here to make an impact? Get over yourself already.

Confession time. 

Over the weekend I almost, kinda, had a ‘woe is me’ moment. 

It was the long weekend, and everyone and their dog seemed to be escaping the city for a fun getaway or good times up at the cottage. 

And I was ‘stuck’ at home. 

Boo hoo. 

(enter the almost, kinda, ‘woe is me’ moment!)

As it turns out, I ended up having a pretty amazing weekend.

A few of us went over to Toronto Island and went stand up paddleboarding followed by a lovely picnic. And the next day we had a great day with some pool party action followed by a delicious BBQ with family and friends. 

If only I realised in the moment just how much fun I was having.

If only I didn’t get caught in the comparison trap. 

If only I wasn’t making it all about me. 

You see the problem is, we can get a little too self-consuming.

We’re worried about not doing enough, not making enough, not having enough, not contributing enough, not being good enough…

We want to make a difference, and an impact, and yet we’re too caught up in our own ‘stuff.’

And the irony is, even though we want to make it about others, we’re making it more about us!

If we truly are going to make the difference we are here to make, we need to get over ourselves already!

So, how are we going to solve it? 

Start recognising it’s less about us, and more about the people we want to impact. 

You can’t make it about YOU if you’re here to make a difference. 

And you’ll start moving forward when you choose to be ready to make that difference. 

And I’m pretty sure that’s what you’re here to do. 

So here are three ways to get you started.

1. Identify what impact you want to make. 

It may sound trite, but it’s a terrifying world out there. Now I gave up reading the news regularly a while ago, but you don’t have to look very far or wide to acknowledge all of the injustices, atrocities, tragedies, sickness, and sadness that is all around us. 

It may be overwhelming to know what to do, and where to start. 

Start by recognising the gifts you have to bring, and who – what group of people – is going to benefit the most. 

Are you a horse whisperer? Are you amazing with children? Do you have a knack for solving complicated logistical challenges?

Whether it’s working with the UN, serving food to the homeless, or cleaning up the streets, choose what cause, or what population, you want to impact. What do you care about? What are you passionate about? Start there. 

2. Make your impact more important than your insecurities

It’s scary to put ourselves out there in an bigger way. To put a stake in the ground. To declare what it is you want to do here with the time we have on this planet.

I’ll be the first to admit I get stuck in feeling not ready, not good enough,  not you-fill-in-the-blank here on a regular basis. And, I’m a work in progress! I have to constantly remind myself I have to get over myself if I’m really here to make an impact. 

3. Start Small 

It’s a little too daunting to think we can eradicate poverty or cancer or war overnight. 

And, it’s too foolish to think we can’t make a dent in anything at all. We can. You can. 

So choose the cause/population/person you want to make an impact on, and identify ONE SMALL THING you could do, starting today. 

Maybe it’s picking up garbage while you run. Or giving subway fare to the next homeless person you see, so they can get to a shelter. Perhaps it’s making time to listen to a friend in need. 

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has. ~  Margaret Mead

I’m human. You’re human. We’re human. 

We’re going to have fears, doubts, insecurities. 

And so I’m inviting you to be brave.

Brave enough to admit you are here to make an impact. Brave enough to choose the impact over your insecurities. And brave enough to take the first small, imperfect, step today. 

And then I want to hear what you’re committing to in the comments below.

Have a FAB week!

Why I Decided to Detach, Disconnect, and Detox… and why you should, too

My week in pics: Saying goodbye to new friends on board Sail Croatia’s Magellan, arriving in beautiful (& bucket list destination!) San Sebastián, Spain, and making the decision to embark on El Camino de Santiago…

Why I Decided to Detach, Disconnect, and Detox…
and why you should, too.

Happy Friday!

San Sebastián, Spain has been on my bucket list for over ten years. And so you can only imagine how excited I was to arrive there on Monday (especially as I was reconnecting with a special friend from back home!)

However, my time there ended up looking a little bit different than I expected.

Instead of hitting up the waves and going out on the town feasting on tapas and wine (it’s actually known as both a surfer’s and foodie’s paradise!) I found myself spending most of my time staying in my cozy little room in old town, with a small balcony looking out onto the action-packed cobblestone street below.


My luggage was lost (I know, right?!?) and I ended up watching an episode of Super Soul Sunday with Shauna Niequist, NY Times best-selling author Present Over Perfect: Leaving Behind Frantic for a Simpler, More Soulful Way of Living.

Watch this week’s video to find out what happened next, where I am at the time I shot the video, and why I felt the need to detach, disconnect, and detox.


So, although a bit more of a personal reveal instead of a lesson to teach, I’d love to challenge you to look for how life may be speaking to you. Is it time for YOU to detach, disconnect, and detox from the outside, and perhaps re-connect with you on the inside?

I want to hear from you in the comments below!

Have a FAB week!

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I Had You at Hello! 5 Ways to Build Instant (& Lasting) Connection

How to have them at ‘Hello!’ : 5 Ways to Build Instant (& Lasting) Connection

Happy Friday!

So I am loving being here in Prague – it’s like walking in a story book. Every corner boasts a new beautiful building and houses so much history.   And although we were told that Czech people can be very reserved and cold, I haven’t found that to be the case at all. I’ve already made a few local friends, including Jacob and Anna, who have the ‘Cava house’ at the local farmers market, where I just enjoyed an iced coffee

However, one thing I find a bit frustrating? I don’ speak the language! And I hate – hate is a strong word – I strongly dislike when I can’t simply engage in conversation with those I meet as I normally do.

For me, communication is one of the ways I like to connect with people. And yet, it is not the only way! And I’ve had to rely on some others since being here.

Do you want to connect more easily, and more quickly, with those you meet and work with?

Listen to this week’s video and learn 5 ways to do exactly that.

Again, the five ideas are:


Learn their name. 

Be the first.

Speak their language.


Test it out this week! I challenge you to connect just a little bit BIGGER this week! And then let me know it goes! Leave your comments below, or over on my YouTube Channel.

Happy Friday, and have a FAB week!

The Top 3 Obstacles to living BIG (And how to CRUSH them!)

My week in pics: Visiting the beautiful Santiago, Chile, meeting Jeanne Beker, who was also speaking at Canadian Payroll Association’s annual conference, having fun practising selfies and making new friends at the CPA conference in Niagara Falls, Ontario. 

The Top 3 Obstacles to living BIG (And how to CRUSH them!)

I’m back home again, having stopped for a few days en route last weekend in beautiful Santiago, Chile! I had the pleasure of speaking at the CPA conference yesterday, and I’m getting ready to head off to New Orleans to speak at SHRM (the Society for Human Resource Management) this weekend. Yes, lots of the go, but it’s exciting!

Earlier this week I gave a live training on the Top 3 Obstacles to Living Our BIGGEST Lives, and it really resonated with the folks watching. And so I thought I would share some of the ideas with you here today. Because once we identify what may be holding us back, we’ll know how to bust through!!!

So if you’re ready to get out of excuse-ville, powerfully shift your mindset, and find your positive peeps posse, then I invite you to join The Tribe… because you’ll find all that and more in this powerful community!

Can can find our more and SIGN UP HERETODAY IS THE LAST DAY TO JOIN! Don’t miss out!

Have a FAB week!

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P.S. I want to hear your thoughts! Which obstacle are YOU committing to crushing? Leave a comment below, over on my YouTube Channel! – and be sure to subscribe!



Happy Friday!


I’m Carol Schulte, and welcome to another video edition of my Happy Friday blog.

And greetings from Niagara Falls, Ontario! No doubt you can see the falls behind me, as well as the beautiful mist, and a beautiful rainbow to boot!

Yes, I’m back in Ontario, back in Canada, excited and honoured to be presenting at the Canadian Payroll Association’s annual conference, with this year’s theme being “Generating Momentum.” And that is exactly what we’re going to be doing during my sessions tomorrow.

However, today we’re not going to be talking about generating momentum (well, we kind of are!) we’re going to be exploring deeper into this idea of living BIG – you know that’s what I’m all about! – but today I want to talk about the obstacles that get in the way. And more specifically, we’re going to look at three ideas, the three biggest obstacles that may prevent us from living our biggest lives, as well as three ways to conquer or crush them!


  1. We live in Excuse-ville!

There’s a difference between reasons and excuses. And yet sometimes we get them mixed up! And we’ve become so good at rationalizing and justifying why we can’t take action on what we truly want, or go after that big goal, that big dream, or that big idea that we’ve had for a while.

I know, we’re got a lot on our plates. But we are never going to have enough time, enough money, our ducks are never going to be perfectly in a row, and our inbox is never going to be at zero. Ultimately, there’s never going to be the perfect time to take that first step. You have to choose it. And say enough is enough.

Now sometimes there are real reasons, I get that. But when are reasonable reasons acting in disguise for inexcusable excuses. So let’s be clear on what our reasons are, and what our excuses are, so we are no longer living in excuse-ville.


  1. We live with a ‘lack of’ mindset’

All too often we don’t believe enough in ourselves. We come from a place of ‘not enough.’ So many people experience this, so you’re not alone! You wake up in the morning and you feel like you haven’t had enough sleep.’ And that’s before we’re even out of bed! We can too easily get into the habit of having or feeling ‘not enough…’ We’re not ready, not good enough, not deserving enough, not worthy enough… whatever it is, we live in this place of not believing it’s possible.

Now our mindset is like a muscle. We have to work at it. We have to practice it on a regular basis. So what are you doing to work on your mindset?

Are you saying regular affirmations? Doing visualizations? Do you write, or read positive literature? Ensure you are working on that muscle that is your mindset. You can learn all of the business strategies, all of the amazing techniques, technologies, tools that are out there, but if you don’t believe that it’s possible, then it’s not going to happen.


  1. We are not surrounding ourselves by a ‘Positive Peeps Posse!’

We need to choose wisely the people we’re going to spend our time with. Do you have people around you that believe in you, that lift you up, that cheer you on? Or do you have people like those crabs in a bucket, who want to pull you down anytime you’re stepping up, stepping out, who don’t necessarily want to set you free or tell you that you can do it. We all need people who are going to be there for the good, the bad, and the ugly. People who are going to be there when we really need that heart to heart, when we need to be picked up, but who are also there to cheer us on, and to celebrate when we’ve accomplished something great.

Who is in your positive peeps posse, and what can you do to ensure you are surrounding yourself with more positive people, who are also up to big things. Who want to dream big, and play bigger in their lives.

So these are the three obstacles that get in our way, as well as some ideas as to how to push past them.


Get out of excuse-ville, create a positive mindset, and surround yourself by a positive peeps posse!


And when you continue to do that, you’ll continue to live a little bit bigger, whatever that looks like to you.

I’m Carol Schulte, Happy Friday and have a fabulous weekend!

And please share this video with someone in your life who you think could benefit from living bigger, and again if this resonates with you, then I invite you to look into The Tribe!

Today is the LAST day to sign up! So if you’re ready to step up your game, step out of your comfort zone, and step into your biggest life, then please come and join us in The Tribe.


Until next time, don’t forget to dream big, play big, and live big.


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Raise Your Glass! It’s Time To Celebrate!

My week in pics: Learning how to make the perfect Mate (a BIG part of the Argentinian culture), exploring the city and hanging out with my new friend I met on the airplane, walking tour of Buenos Aires (and going to the famous grave of Eva Perón, aka Evita!), getting dressed up to go to a famous Speak Easy to celebrate some birthdays, which are all the rage here!

Raise Your Glass! It’s Time To Celebrate!


Happy Friday!

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE finding an excuse to celebrate! Birthdays, anniversaries, because it’s Friday, or JUST BECAUSE! And no, you are never too old for balloons!

Well today, we’re going to talk about celebrating, and the importance of it! And moreover I’m going to share 3 reasons as to why we don’t always take the time to celebrate, and 3 ideas how we can change that!


(transcript below)

Have a FAB week!

Carol - high res



P.S. Are you ready to ‘Unleash Your Powerful Woman Within?!?‘ There are still a few tickets left for our event in Toronto on Monday! JOIN US! 




Happy Friday!

I’m Carol Schulte, and welcome to my Happy Friday video blog.

Today is all about celebration!

Why? Well, it’s Friday, I happen to love celebrating, and it just so happens to be the celebrating BIG day in the 5-Day Living Big challenge!

You see, I love a good excuse to celebrate. Birthdays, anniversaries, and I also love balloons! (And I believe you can celebrate with balloons at any age!)

But I also don’t think we necessarily have to wait for special occasions to celebrate. In fact, I would argue you can find a reason to celebrate each and every day, if you choose to see it that way.

So why is it that so many of us have a hard time taking the time to celebrate?

Today, I’m going to share with you three reasons why, and three ideas how we can conquer them.


  1. As my friend and colleague Nina Spencer writes in her book describing her experience climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, ‘Sometimes you can’t see the mountain when you’re already on the mountain.’ Which means, sometimes when you’re so busy doing what you’re doing, you’re not able to take that bird’s eye view and look at how far you’ve already come. It’s good to be focused on where you want to go, however also we need to celebrate where we’ve come from and all we’ve already accomplished.


  1. We’re really good at saying ‘I will celebrate when.’ When I get there, once I’ve done that, once I’ve reached that goal, or met the man, or had children… then, then, THEN I can celebrate. We’re always waiting for that next big milestone before we can celebrate, instead of recognizing we already have so much to celebrate, right where we are right here. So make sure you take the time to recognize that, celebrate that!


  1. Sometimes we get so caught up in looking around at what everyone else is doing, that all of a sudden our achievement or accomplishment doesn’t seem so great anymore. So be careful of that. Don’t compare where you are to someone else’s middle or even end game. If you’ve conquered an action, if you’ve done something you’ve set out to do, celebrate that! Don’t look at what everybody else is doing, it doesn’t matter! After all, they’re not on your journey.


So today I challenge you to find something to celebrate. And however you choose to do it, whether you get some balloons, or you get out a glass of your fave bevvy (don’t worry, it’s just water, I’m still working!) or you want to write out a celebrations list, do something to celebrate who you are and where you are right now.

This is actually something we do every Friday in The Tribe, and I’m excited to do that later on with them. I want you to stay tuned because on Monday I’m going to be sending out a very special invitation for you to join The Tribe.

It’s an amazing and powerful group where you get the accountability, the support, and the inspiration you need to continue to go after your dreams and make them happen. And furthermore, to live your biggest life!

So, it is celebration time!

Happy Friday, have a wonderful weekend, and if you have someone in your life who you think would benefit from this video, please share it with them!

And until next time, don’t forget to dream big, play big, and live big.



A living BIG little epiphany, insight, and invitation…

My week in pics: Good times with some amazing friends, lots o’ girls’ nights, and Ladies Who Brunch, speaking to a great group at the iaap Canadian Education Conference, making friends on my journey to Buenos Aires (including Cyndi!) and getting right back into life with the Remotes and enjoying some delish Argentinian meals…

A living BIG little epiphany, insight, and invitation…

Happy Friday!

And greetings from Buenos Aires!

That’s right, after a lovely (albeit busy!) two weeks at home, four airports, three flights, and 24 hours of travel time, my Remote Year journey continues!

After meeting some great people on the various flights, and making friends with Cyndi from United Customer Service, I had a powerful epiphany. And then an insight. And now I have an invitation.

Watch this week’s video to see what I’m taking about!

(transcript below)

So, are you ready to join the challenge?!? Let’s have some FUN together! Plus, after the five days, you’ll have a new-found spring in your step, a brighter smile on your face, and you’ll feel more alive than you have for a while.


(And, seeing as how it’s always more fun to do challenges with others, invite your friends and colleagues to take it on with you!)

Have a FAB week, *|FNAME|*!

Carol - high res

P.S. I want to hear how it’s going! Share your journey over at the blog or leave a comment over on my YouTube Channel! – and be sure to subscribe!




Happy Friday!

I’m Carol Schulte, and welcome to another video edition of my Happy Friday blog.

And greetings from Buenos Aires, where I’m coming to you from my new apartment building.

I had a wonderful two weeks at home, and after four airports, three flights, and 24 hours of travel time, I’m back in South America and the Remote Year journey continues!

Today, I’d like to share with you an epiphany, an insight, and an invitation.

The last leg of my journey was out of Houston, and it was also going to be the longest leg of my journey, almost 10 hours. Now when I first checked in online, I wasn’t able to choose a seat for this flight. When I asked in Toronto, I was also out of luck, and was advised to ask at the gate. Apparently it had the code that meant the flight was overbooked.

Now I wasn’t so much worried I wouldn’t get on at all, although that could have been the case, I was more worried I would have a middle seat! And so I inquired at every part of my journey.

Finally, in Houston, as I was walking to my gate, I passed the Customer Service desk, and so I thought I may as well ask there.

For the first time ever, there was no one in line! It was my lucky day! However I also thought perhaps the ladies behind the desk were enjoying their peace and quiet. Well, I walked up to the first one who invited me up, and said ‘I’m sorry to disturb the peace, this must be an anomaly for you!’ To which she replied, ‘It’s the calm before the storm, just wait until the late night flights arrive…’

I acknowledged they must be used to complaints and screaming and upset customers, and let them know I hoped I’d be an easy one! I then proceeded to explain my situation and ask if there was any was I may be able to confirm my seat. I handed over my boarding pass, and she said, ‘Well someone’s already been looking out for you, as you do in fact have an assigned seat.’ Cheekily, I asked if it was a window. It was an aisle. Better than middle, absolutely, however I do love a good window seat… So I then said ‘Now I don’t want to push my luck, however any chance you may have a window available?’ She kindly looked into it, and said she did, however further back in the plane. So I had to choose from 41L, or 33K.

‘Which do you think has more of a chance of me sitting next to my Prince Charming?’ Wanting to get a laugh. And then she actually looked into which of the passengers that would be next to me were flying solo or with a group!

We enjoyed some fun banter back and forth, and then Cyndi, who I had learned her name to be, said ‘You know what? You’re such a nice woman I’m going to do better than that. I’m going to put you up to economy plus… a window and extra leg room.’ WOO HOO!

Now she didn’t have to do that. However it was very much appreciated. So I thanked her profusely, and proceeded to bring her a gift card from Starbucks. She was very surprised and thankful and said ‘You didn’t have to do that!’ to which I replied, ‘And neither did you!’

And in that moment, we shared a connection and an appreciation. It was a living BIG moment.

That was my epiphany. And the insight that followed, is that although I’m fortunate to be jet-setting and traveling and working remotely, and I’m sure some of you are thinking, wow, you’re so lucky, you’re really living big, I’ve come to discover that it actually doesn’t require a big adventure on the other side of the world to live big.

Sometimes it’s the small moments, the real moments, like the moment of connection and shared appreciation I shared with Cyndi, that can make a BIG difference.

And so here is the invitation.

Starting this coming Monday, June 5th, I’m doing a 5-day living big challenge.

5 days, 5 small ways to live just a little bit bigger. Every day, you’ll receive an email and a short video from me with an idea or action to take on that day.

Now these are not going to be just another item to add to your to-do list. They are going to be easy to implement, and FUN!

And after the five days, you’ll have a new-found spring in your step, a brighter smile of your face, and you’ll feel more alive than you have for a while.

So I hope you’ll join us!

AND, if you have someone in your life you think could benefit, please share this video with them, and invite them to take the challenge with you!

Until next time, I’m Carol Schulte, and don’t forget to dream big, play big, and live big!

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