2 trains🚊 down, 2 flights ✈ to go, 1 epic experience awaits…

I’m pretty sure it hasn’t hit me yet. 

Luckily I have about 15 hours ahead of me between the two flights and a layover, and so it may begin to at some point in there!

It’s been a whirlwind the last little while to say the least. Many a tear shed, plenty of laughs shared, and lots of special memories both relived and created. 

We had a beautiful tribute for my stepmother and our dear Eveline in her family’s quaint home town in northern Germany, and now she is in her final resting place. 

And may she rest in peace. 

I’ve wanted to be in the moment, feeling all the feels, and so the fact I’m about to embark on what I’m pretty sure is going to be an epic experience of a lifetime hasn’t quite sunk in yet. 

It’s been in the works for well over a year. And conversations with my partners in crime for even longer than that. 

Women Living Big and UGO Travel For Change have joined forces, and 12 brave souls will all be arriving in Arusha, Tanzania over the next 24 hours where we’ll all finally meet in person as a group for the first time. 

We’ve been on the journey for the past few months together… meeting over zoom calls sharing dreams and fears and lots in between, exchanging equipment lists and packing woes and pictures of ‘she wees,’ and getting to know one another through hilarious what’s app conversations and way too many bitmojis!

We’re going to be volunteering with the Dare Women’s Association for a week, getting down and dirty and building a fence, and then we will make our way to Mt. Kilimanjaro, attempting to reach the summit. 

Kinda crazy if I think about it. 

Kinda crazy to think about all that has transpired over the last few weeks. 

Welcoming a new baby into the family, having to say goodbye to another member of the family, and a whole lotta miles being flown the process.

And so if I’m honest, no, I haven’t quite processed it all yet.

But then again, when life is happening so fast all around you, do you ever actually process in the moment?

Well, perhaps not. but I’m taking a small moment now to begin to think and reflect. 

Without getting too philosophical, what is it all about in the end anyhow?

Well, I’ve realised I couldn’t have gone through what I just did without so many special people in my life. Having my friends and family around for support and to experience it together has meant everything. And sharing special moments, both laughs and tears. And talking about special past experiences, as well as looking forward to more special experiences to come. 

People. Moments. Experiences. 

That’s really what makes the world go around. 

And so as you and I embark on all of the adventures that await us in 2019 – planned or unplanned – may they involve special people, special moments, and special experiences. 

They make the journey worthwhile, and give life meaning. 

Short and sweet this week, as I’m getting ready to board!

Have a FAB week!

Through the sweat, the stress, all the tears and the fears, it was SO worth it…

Through the sweat, the stress, all the tears and the fears, it was SO worth it…

One week ago today we were literally ‘taking the leap’ into foam pits, being cheerleaders with the former captain of the Argos Cheerleading Squad (complete with pom poms and everything!), and trying out activities like drum circles, creative time travel, African dance, Sign Language, juggling, self defense… We enjoyed incredible performances from musicians to jugglers to spoken word poets, we even a pole dancer and a surprise FLASH MOB!

Not to mention getting TOTALLY inspired by the incredible two-time Olympic Gold Medalist Heather Moyse (who even had my Dad in tears… yes, he was the sole brave man in a room of over 100 women!)

It truly was an EPIC day.

Now it wasn’t all unicorns and rainbows (let’s pretend I wasn’t crying in the shower at 5:30am the morning of when all the printing and the beautiful playbooks hadn’t yet arrived, and had to put them in an Uber at the last minute!) yet when I was actually standing in that room, in front of a packed house of empowered women and smiling faces, I had a moment of “Oh my goodness, WE DID IT.”

If you’re someone who wasn’t able to be there, my intention is not to make you feel left out, rather to invite you in.

It’s hard to sum up in words what the day was all about, so I thought I’d share some of the words and phrases the women wrote on the ‘I am Living Big’ wall…

(and oh yes, there were more tears when, the night before I found myself in some random office unit somewhere off the highway east of Toronto picking up this beautiful sign, I realized it would have to be chopped into 3 pieces in order to squeeze into my mini! Not sure what I was thinking there… however LOTS learned!)

 SO, what does living big mean to YOU?

  • Inviting fear along for the adventure
  • Taking chances
  • Living the life of your dreams and serving the world with your unique legacy
  • Nurturing me to nurture others
  • Connecting to my inner child ~ the one who explores all there is
  • Believing and accomplishing my dreams
  • No longer living within self-imposed limits
  • Living large baby!
  • Now is my time
  • Be courageous… there is only now
  • Letting go of fear and finding FREEDOM in exchange
  • Life is not a rehearsal
  • Saying NO more and YES to joy
  • Setting BIG goals and crushing them
  • Doing something once a day that scares you…
  • Courageously stepping out of my comfort zone
  • I am limitless and create all possibilities that are for my greater good
  • Being prepared to stand out from the crowd
  • Recognize and be grateful for each day
  • Feeling empowered to do something new and exciting! 

And that was only a random handful…

Reading these words warms my heart. And then watching so many brave women literally bring these ideas to life as they did last Friday ~ is ridiculously inspiring.

And so, even though I found myself panting and sweating up a storm yesterday in the Telus Tower loading dock, during my third trip back picking up the last of the boxes of goods, I couldn’t help but smile.

While struggling to squeeze the sign into my car, I caught myself reading some of these powerful phrases. And in that moment, I realized the sleepless nights, the stress, all the fears and all the tears, were all so totally worth it.

Thank you ALL… to my amazing WLB Team, to those who partnered with us, supported us, generously sponsored us, volunteered with us, participated with us, or were quietly watching from the sidelines… from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU.

You helped to make MY big dream a reality. And I am forever grateful.


And now I want to hear from YOU! Answer this question: “I am living big…” in the comments below!

And have a FAB week!

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We all need a tribe. 5

Got a tribe? We all need one. 5 ways to find, or build, yours.


The number one desire of all human beings is the desire to belong… to something. A group, a crowd, a community.

We all want to know there are people that ‘get’ us. We want to know there are people who have our backs. We want to know there are people who will love us regardless of what we look like, what we’ve done, or what we’ve said.

‘Even leaders need a tribe.’

That was the opening line from Jayson Gaignard’s talk last night. I met him for the first time at Archangel Summit last week, learned so much, and so was pumped when I found out he was one of the speakers at TEPP (Toronto Entrepreneurs of Purpose and Passion) Talks yesterday evening.

We’re all leaders in our own way. And he’s right.

Forbes has named him one of the top networkers to watch, he’s the creator of MastermindTalks, and he’s had the likes of Tim Ferriss and Sir Richard Branson at his events.

He’s all about investing in relationships and building community.

And I LOVE community.

I love having my kinda peeps around me.

I thrive on the energy and positivity I get from having my kinda peeps around me. I feel my best, confident, ‘on’ self when I have my kinda peeps around me.

And I know I’m not alone.

I’ve written before about the importance of having a ‘Positive Peeps Posse,’ and today I want to expand on this idea, and offer five simple strategies for you to start finding, or building, your own tribe.


  1. Surround Yourself With Like-Minded People.

    As Oprah says, ‘Surround yourself only with those who lift you higher.’ This may mean putting yourself out there in new groups, doing a personal audit and getting honest with yourself, and it may mean having to let some people go. Sometimes it’s more important to subtract, then to add to your current network. You can’t go deep with everyone.

  1. Learn People’s Names.

    This goes a LONG way. (and for those of you who default to ‘I’m useless at remembering names!’ look up Dale Carnegie’s L.I.R.A. Technique… or ask me about it… no more excuses!) People who’ve listened to me speak are often amazed when I welcome everyone individually (well, if the group is under 50 at least!) from the stage, having introduced myself to them before I start and ensuring I’ve committed their name to memory. I do the same when I meet new people at events, on new sporting teams, or in my building. Trust me, it’s worth the effort.

  1. Be a Talent Scout.

    This is an idea Jayson shared. He believes amazing people become even more amazing over time. Pay attention to those rising stars out there. Observe, encourage, support.

  1. Look Up Dunbar’s Number.

    A new concept I learned only last week. It’s an idea based on research that states there are only so many people we can have in our inner circle, so many we can have meaningful relationships with, and so many we can sustain even any kind of friendship with at all. And, *NEWSFLASH!* 1,000 Facebook friends are NOT the same as 10 genuine friends! As Jayson shared: “We may be drowning in contacts, but we’re starving for deep connection.”

  1. Become a raving fan.

    A lot of my friends and family think I’m crazy to attend the amount of events and meetings and happenings as I do. Perhaps I am. However first of all I LOVE people, and moreover if it’s someone I want to champion, someone who has shown me support, or someone who I feel is putting themselves out there – I want to be there to cheer them on if I can. I can’t do it all of the time, but I do make a conscious effort to support as often as possible. It does make a difference. (and THANK YOU to all of my raving fans out there… I appreciate it more than you know!)


We all want to belong. We all need a positive peeps posse. We all need a tribe. (Click to tweet it out!)


Who is in YOUR tribe? And if you don’t have one yet, who is one person you’d like in yours? Perhaps you may even want to reach out to them today!

Have a FAB week!


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P.S. (I know, I know, I’ve had a few P.S.’s recently ~ and while I don’t want to taint my reputation for simply bringing a little Happy Friday inspiration each week, it would be remiss of me NOT to mention the fact that TOMORROW IS THAT LAST DAY FOR EARLY BIRD TICKETS TO WOMEN LIVING BIG – LIVE!!! Get ON it already!


P.P.S. My AMAZING videographer, Warren Leppik of Cognition Productions, created this awesome (although I know I’m kinda biased!) promo video… check it out HERE! I’d love to hear your thoughts!



And NOW, as I’m all about taking ACTION, what is ONE of the strategies you are committing to implementing this week? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

Top 10 Nuggets Taken from the EPIC Archangel Summit!

Top 10 Nuggets Taken from the EPIC Archangel Summit!

Happy Friday!

This past Wednesday (on World Peace Day,)I had the privilege of being in the audience for what proved to be a totally epic, ridiculously inspiring, heart-lit-up-on-fire kinda day.

It was the first ever Archangel Summit, and luckily founder and visionary Giovanni Marsico decided only a few years ago to give up any expectations, and give into all dreams.

And thank goodness he did… or the 1300 people that day, not to mention the thousands more he’s had at past events and in his Archangel Academy, would not have been touched in the way I know they were.

The line-up of speakers were extraordinary, and the audience members were passionate and purpose-driven entrepreneurs, dreamers, and change makers.

It may sound dramatic, and it kinda is!

I truly believe when you believe whole-heartedly in your mission, and you’re prepared to put in the work, you truly can change the world. Or at least, perhaps we can together.

Instead of trying to tie everything I gleaned up into a neat little bow, I’d like to share my fave nuggets from each of these powerful thought leaders (and for those of you who are extremely observant, yes, there are actually 11, not 10… think go it as a bonus for you!!!) 


  • If world class was easy, everyone would be doing it. There is no traffic in your own lane. Messy is the price of legendary. ~ Robin Sharma
  • We give ourselves what we feel we deserve. It’s okay to be scared. We all have a gift and we need to use it. ~ Philip McKernan
  • Be a talent scout; amazing people become even more amazing over time. Never tarnish your word. Always invest in your relationships. ~ Jayson Gaignard
  • Over 40% of our everyday is shaped by our habits. Change your habits, and you change your life. ~ Gretchen Rubin
  • If you want to make one million dollars, serve one million people. Figure out your gift. Keep dreaming. ~ Giovanni Marsico
  • I don’t believe in Art. I believe in Artists. There is no such thing as writer’s block – it’s merely an inability to dance with our fear. ~ Seth Godin
  • You know when intuition has to eclipse logic. Don’t miss the magic. What is YOUR barnacle leap? (Check out this video she showed of the Barnacle Goose… a bit disturbing at first, however only happy endings… because ‘The risk of death by staying in the nest is greater than the risk of leaping before knowing if it can fly.’) ~ Natalie MacNeil
  • I encounter every lesson in life on purpose. Love is a metric. Love your tribe. Show your dance moves on the dance floor. ~ Jadah Sellner
  • Your limitations become your life. You can’t course correct standing still. Don’t wish it were easier, make yourself stronger. ~ JJ Virgin
  • You are the messenger. Every day we have the opportunity to extend the belief in someone else, in their humanity, and change their life. And you may never know about it, and it doesn’t matter. ~ Dan Martell
  • Care about people. HUSTLE. Put in the work. Know what you’re good at. Go for the ask. Don’t blindly follow the masses. Pay attention to who you are and who your kids are, instead of trying to mold them into something. ~ Gary Vaynerchuk


And now for some nuggets of my own.

Dream BIG. Believe. Say yes before you’re ready. Notice your fear ~ it only shows up when you’re playing at the edge of your comfort zone. (Click to tweet it out!) Recognize, own, and celebrate your gifts. And yes, you are enough.

What about YOU? You or I may not have been on that inspiring stage (at least not this year!) however we also have our own gifts to give, our own nuggets to share, our own legacy to leave. What will YOURS be? I wanna hear from you in the comments below.


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What fuels YOU?!? I want your help!


I have a bit of a confession to make.

In full transparency, the last few weeks I’ve been on a bit of a roller coaster. The Summer was fun, and yet I didn’t feel totally ‘ON.’ And although there are a lot of exciting things coming up in the pipeline, I feel I was perhaps a tad overwhelmed versus inspired to get at it.And then something this week shifted.

Perhaps it was the fact I went to Camp Yoga (SO much fun!) this past weekend and was forced to unplug as I had no phone service nor wifi.

Perhaps it was the fact I’ve had 3 amazing speaking engagements this week and now get to be the emcee at Glamdollza tonight.

Perhaps it was the fact we shot our Women Living Big – LIVE promo video and picked up the postcards (THANK YOU, Cognition Productions and Printing Icon! I have the BEST sponsors ever!) and it’s all coming together…

Perhaps it was a combination of all of the above.

Whatever it was, I am feeling more fuelled than I have in a little while. AND, I’m more excited than EVER to help YOU stay fuelled, too!

To that end, what is it that fuels YOU?

  • Is it being around other people?
  • Being alone in nature?
  • Listening to music?
  • Rocking it out on the dance floor?
  • Sitting on a park bench with a good book?
  • Reading to your kids?
  • Enjoying a nice glass of wine while listening to classic jazz?
  • Sleeping in with no alarm set?
  • Writing?
  • Sweating it up in a yoga or step class? (I used to LOVE step!!!)

Think about what truly fuels you ~ and then get honest with yourself as to when was the last time you honoured that part of you.

And, in the spirit of me wanting to help continue to fuel you, I’d LOVE to know how I can best support you moving forward.

I’m pumped and motivated to create great content and offerings for you ~ and yet I need to know what you want!

I would SO appreciate you taking a few minutes to complete a short survey. You can find it HERE

And when you do, you’ll be entered into a contest to win 2 free tickets to our WLB 1-year Anniversary party on Sept. 24th!!!

Figure out what really fuels you. And then do more of THAT. Click to tweet it out!

Have a FAB week!

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P.S. The link to that (SHORT!) survey is HERE.

What fuels YOU? And what are you going to do about it? I want to hear from you in the comments below.

‘Just One Thing’ could make all the difference.

‘Just One Thing’ could make all the difference.

Happy back to school week, back to work week, back at it week!

I don’t know about you, but I find the beginning of September almost like the beginning of a new year. And it’s exciting!

Many are eager and ready to hit the ground running, after hopefully enjoying some rest and relaxation over the Summer.

It’s great to be pumped and motivated. And, it’s important to also ensure you are setting yourself up for success.

Next week I’ll be giving a few talks on this very subject. Now there are lots of concepts and ways to ensure you’re getting on the right track. And, if you try to adopt them all, and all at the same time, you may not have as much luck.

I’d like to introduce you to the concept of ‘Just One Thing.’ There’s a book on it, I’ve written about it before, and just recently one of my friends and colleagues published an article about it. So perhaps it’s that time to bring it up here.

I’m notorious for having multiple windows open on my computer at any given time.

I’m also known to have my hand in multiple pies at the same time.

Or, I’ll be in the middle of writing something,  when I remember about the tea I just made, and then when I get up to get my tea I notice the pens on the counter, and then when I go to put them away I see the card I bought and still need to write, and then I notice that completed application that still needs to be scanned, and then I look down at the small pile of business cards of folks I wanted to follow up with and start making notes about, and before I know it I’ve gone down a deep rabbit hole and totally forget what I was doing in the first place.

Can you relate? (I hope it’s not just me… or maybe I am just a little bit crazy. And that’s cool, too!)

You see I’m realizing more and more if you truly want to get more diligent about getting things done, you need to be super disciplined about doing JUST ONE THING at a time.

Especially if you have a lot of different projects on the go, and numerous competing responsibilities at any given time (and who doesn’t, right?!?)

I’m a big believer in having everything you want, however maybe not all at the same time.

If you want to be successful, I think it comes down to focusing on JUST ONE THING at a time.

Research has proven that multi-tasking is simply not effective. Single-tasking is where it’s at.

  • When it comes to setting yourself up for success, what is JUST ONE THING you could implement today?
  • What is JUST ONE THING or habit that may make all the difference?
  • When it comes to a current business project, what is JUST ONE THING that would move the project forward?
  • If today were to be productive, what is that JUST ONE THING you’d do?
  • When it comes to one of your important relationships, what is JUST ONE THING that if you did this, could be a game changer?

There are so many things to do, to learn, to say yes to. Information is being launched and lurched at us from all angles all of the time. Yes, it’s exciting ~ and it’s also often overwhelming.

Pause. Breathe. Smile.

That information isn’t going anywhere. Those ideas will still be there. Those opportunities will still come your way.

There’s a LOT we could do – and likely we will do – if we perhaps choose just one thing at a time. One step at a time. One task at a time. One habit at a time. You got this! (Click to tweet it out.)

Have a FAB week!

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What is that  ‘JUST ONE THING’ you’re going to focus on today? This week? This quarter? I want to hear from you in the comments below!


P.S. Women Living BIG is turning 1 on Sept. 24th! And we’re going to celebrate! Tickets are only $25 ($20 with a girlfriend… ) I hope you’ll join! 

P.P.S. If you’re looking for a fun night out with the ladies ~ I’ll be emcee-ing the Glamdollza event next Friday… come and join us!

The magical power of unplugging. 3 Reasons WHY, and 3 Ways HOW.

I had the pleasure of spending a few days up at a friend’s cottage this week. It’s amazing how different one can feel after driving a few hours north of the city. Cue  ‘A Whole New World’ ~ one of my fave songs from Aladdin ~ as the soundtrack.

That being said, with all that’s going on right now, I was feeling a tad guilty about escaping in the middle of the week. And so I was actually intending to still be connected and get some work done, albeit from a remote and peaceful destination.

And then upon arrival, I learned there was no wifi.

My immediate reaction: ‘What? No wifi?!? How will I ever survive?!?’

I’ll admit I had an initial bout of panic, however the panic soon turned into bliss. I was somewhat forced to disconnect, as even my cell phone service was pretty dodgy. And oh man did it turn out to be a blessing in disguise.

Did you know that 84% of mobile phone users admit they wouldn’t be able to go a day without using their device? And on average, folks check their phone every 6.5 minutes. Ca-RAZY!

It’s true, we’re pretty connected to technology. And there’s a lot of pressure to be ‘plugged in’ … some feel it around the clock. But is this really necessary? Or healthy?

In spite of this pressure, there’s good reason to actually unplug, disconnect, and take part in digital detoxes on a regular basis.

Here are three compelling reasons to do so.


1. Helps alleviate feelings of comparison, jealousy, and FOMO.

It’s all too easy to get caught up in the Facebook vortex. And yet, when you’re comparing your regular life to everyone else’s highlight reel, it only makes sense you’re going to expose yourself to an unrealistic view of the world. Someone else’s world may appear to look far more exciting than your own. As a result, you may be left with feelings of ‘less than.’ And, the more you’re connected, the more you’ll see all of the goings on at any given time. It’s impossible to keep up with everything ~ and so it’s likely feelings of “Fear of Missing Out” (FOMO) may also ensue.

The irony here folks, is that we all do it. And chances are people are looking at your life wishing they were a player in it!


2.  Allows space and time for you, for creative thinking, versus consumption overload.

There’s this notion of creation before consumption. If you’re looking at your phone first thing in the morning, starting your day by consuming everything that’s out there, you may become overwhelmed before you’ve even had a chance to eat your Wheaties. And then when it comes to doing your own work, your mood has been influenced, and you may not be coming from an open, clear space. There is SO much out there, sometimes the noise makes it difficult to listen to and hear our own voice.


3. Allows you to actually experience life in the moment.

I’ll admit it, I’m a big fan of the selfie. I do like to capture the moments. And yet, sometimes I catch myself so caught up in capturing the moment, I am actually missing out on the moment. I actually took very few pictures over the last few days… and didn’t post one. And it was actually kinda freeing.


I shot a quick living big challenge on this idea ~ how powerful it is to disconnect, and offer three ideas to put into action. Watch it here! 

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 11.22.00 AM

It’s no wonder this video entitled ‘I forgot my phone’ went viral.

The magical power of unplugging. Disconnect from your device, reconnect with yourself. Click to tweet it out!


Have a FAB week!

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You do YOU, and I’ll do ME.

This week I was intending to recycle one from the archives. You see I’m working on an exciting new program – which I’m soft launching TODAY! – and wanted to give myself permission to work on the copy, as well as my book (Fridays are now my writing days!)

At least, that was the plan.

You know what happened instead?

I ended up getting sucked into the ‘Happy Friday’ vortex ~ and spent way too much time re-reading these emails that I’ve been writing for – get this – almost 5 years! Holy geez! Just WHERE does the time go?!?

And the biggest ah-ha I had? I don’t really think I’ve changed very much in all that time.

I’m writing about much the same things, and in much the same way.

It’s funny. I would’ve thought I’d be in such a different place by now ~ however I guess it just means I’m still me. Which is a good thing, no?

I mean, a lot has changed – I started by writing about my time living in Germany and then Wales to keep my friends and family in the loop – and now I have a blog, a business, and I’m writing from back home in Toronto (at least this week!), to my extended community about my journeys and my learnings, sprinkled with dashes of inspiration and ideas of how to live just a little bit bigger.

I’ve grown, I’ve done different things, I’ve achieved a few new things, however I’m still me.

And no matter where I go or how I grow, let’s hope I will always, at the core, still be me.

We’re growing every day, changing every day, and hopefully also enjoying the journey every day. I’m learning to quiet the noise ~ to look less at what everyone else is trying to do, and instead focus more on what is right for me.

BE more you and DO more you. You’re the only one in the world who has all you have. And it deserves to be shared. (click to tweet it out!)

Seeing as how I ended up doing some self-reflection this week, I’d like to offer you the same thing.

Read the following questions, and choose to answer at least 10. (And if you REALLY want to go crazy ~ answer them all! Go on, DO IT! I dare you.) And then let me know how you get on. Doing so will help you to BE more and DO more you.

  • What excites me? What lights me up?
  • How do I show up in the world? How do I want to show up in the world?
  • How do others see me?
  • What experiences do I want to create?
  • What do I want to accomplish with my time on this earth?
  • What will my legacy be?
  • How do I want to feel?
  • How do you want to feel when you wake up in the morning, and when you go to sleep at night?
  • If time nor money were no object, what would I be doing right now?
  • What do I truly love about myself?
  • What am I grateful for right here, right now?
  • How can I make a difference in this world?
  • How can I add value to someone’s life today, right now?
  • What do I stand for?
  • Am I giving my best where I can give my best?
  • Am I living my best life? What’s getting in my way?
  • What do I want to do more of each day?
  • What do I want to do less of each day?
  • What is good enough right now?
  • What is right with this picture?
  • How full is my glass today?
  • What shift could I make right now?
  • What is one habit, that if implemented, would make all the difference?
  • What does happiness look like – feel like – to me?
  • What does success look like to me? Where do I feel successful in my life?
  • What matters to me? I mean, what really matters to me?
  • How or where could I create some space for something new?
  • Where am I having fun in my life? Where could I have more fun?
  • If it is worth the effort, am I giving it all of my effort?
  • How big is the pie? How big is my slice?
  • What is one step I could take, right now, that might bring me closer to something I’ve always wanted to do, or someone I’ve always wanted to be?

GOOD LUCK with this exercise… and let me know how it goes ~ leave me a note!

AND, seeing as how I’m soft launching my exciting new offer today – I won’t let you down, and will give you a little preview. It’s called: ‘My BIG Breakthrough Day’ ~ and it entails you, me, some intense work busting through your biggest fears, and creating a custom-tailored experience (Skydiving? Race car driving? Ziplining?) that will have you achieve something you NEVER thought possible. It’s that day that will mark the first day of the rest of your life. And it will be a day that you will no doubt remember for the rest of your life. Wanna learn more? See if it’s a fit? Book a call with me! Let’s DO this!

Have a FAB week!

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It’s time to Dare Greatly.

It's time To Dare Greatly. 

“It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.” ~ Theodore Roosevelt

That was the game changer passage for Brené Brown, and the inspiration behind one of five books, Daring Greatly.’ I finished listening to the audio version a few weeks ago, and have been thinking about it ever since.

Brené spent twelve years researching shame and vulnerability ~ she’s done a few TEDx talks, been featured on two Super Soul Sundays with Oprah, written numerous books and articles, and really walks her talk.

So just what does daring greatly mean? Having the courage to be vulnerable. To be open, to show the world who we really are, and to stand in what we believe. To not let the fear of not being enough, of not gaining approval from others, stand in our way of going after what we truly want. It’s about having the courage to play in the arena.

It takes courage to put yourself out there. To take a chance, to create, to connect, to ask.

It takes courage to take a step of imperfect action before we feel truly ready.

Some days, it takes courage just to show up.

I will be the first to admit I still sometimes struggle with wanting approval from others. And yet, if we attach our worth by the approval we get, we’re destined to fail either way. If we receive criticism, we feel bad. And if we receive praise, we’re doomed. We cannot attach the worthiness of what we put into the world based on others’ feedback or criticism. Otherwise we will always be wanting to please, perform, or perfect.

Daring greatly is about being brave enough to be seen exactly as we are, with all of our fears and imperfections.

If we have the courage to share who we are and what we are feeling, chances are there are numerous others out there that can relate — and are likely feeling exactly the same way. And isn’t that what it is ultimately all about? Connecting with others, relating to others, recognizing and celebrating just how similar we all really are. But we can only do that if we are first brave enough to show up as we really are. And then to be brave enough to play.

We may not always win. In fact, there is a good chance we will lose on more than one occasion. But we will never know if we are going to win or lose unless we actually get into the arena. We will never be completely certain. And not just about succeeding, but about anything in life. Certainly is overrated anyhow. How much fun is playing when we already know what the outcome will be? It’s about getting into the ring, ‘getting marred by blood and sweat and dust’, and yet still playing and striving valiantly.

And if we never even try, aren’t we already simply destined to lose anyhow?

It’s often our fear that keeps us comfortable, keeps us stagnant. But ironically, it is also this fear that is going to ultimately propel us forward. If we recognize that standing in our fear is what it means to be vulnerable, we will see that being vulnerable is also all about having the courage to work through our fear.

Today, I challenge us all to dig deep and find a little courage. Find a little courage to stand in who we are. Find a little courage to go after what we believe in, and to go after what we truly want. Find a little courage to put something out there, to create, to be seen.

Be brave enough to get into the arena. Be brave enough to dare greatly.

It’s not about winning or losing, it’s about being brave enough to play at all. It’s about daring greatly. Click to tweet it out!


Have a FAB week, everyone!

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What the Tragically Hip can teach us about what really matters.

What the Tragically Hip can teach us about what really matters.

On Wednesday evening, I was one of 20,000+ raving fans in the sold out ACC, the first of the three final shows The Tragically Hip will ever play in Toronto.

That arena was so full of love, so united in music, and so in the moment.

You’d think it would have been an extremely emotional concert. At times it was. And yet it was also extremely joyful.

It truly was a magical experience.

For those who don’t know, beloved Gord Downie, the lead singer of the Hip, was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer in December. And not long ago the group – also best mates – decided to go on what is proving to be nothing less than an epic farewell tour.

How me being at the show came to be was pretty crazy. The morning of, I didn’t even know if we had tickets. However this special woman in my life, in from out of town, was dedicated and determined to be there. Lotteries, line-ups, avoiding fights… hours of waiting… it was only minutes before the show started we knew we were golden, got a pair, and were good to go.

Live music is powerful at any time. However take this massive sold out venue, add the Tragically Hip, their final tour, terminal cancer ~ and it becomes a whole different ball game.

It’s true, they played an incredible set. And Gord was ON – clad in sparkly pants, and glittery suits of blue and hot pink. Even the stage, although simple, added to the effect.

But it wasn’t any of that, which made the experience what it was. It really was the unity and love in that arena.

Life is about experiences. Making moments that matter. Impacting others in a meaningful way. Leaving a legacy.

Gord and the Hip are doing all of those things.

My fave song of the night was ‘Wheat Kings.’ Ironic, as one of the lines in the chorus is ‘Let’s just see what tomorrow brings.’ It had a new meaning that evening.

Without going too morbid on anyone, we really don’t know what tomorrow brings.

We may not all be Gord Downie. In fact, there will only ever be one of him. But there will also only ever be one of you, too. And even though you or I may never be performing to thousands (although never say never!) we can still create experiences, make moments that matter, and impact others. And maybe that is what leaving a legacy is all about.

Allow yourself to create, and enjoy, your experiences this week. “Let’s just see what tomorrow brings.” Because you never know.

Life is about experiences. Making moments that matter. Impacting others in a meaningful way. Leaving a legacy. (Click to tweet it out!)

Have a Fab week!     .

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