Are YOU ready to launch?!?

Phew... it’s been an amazingly crazy whirlwind of a week! Fabulous BBQ with friends over the weekend, yoga class with my amazing photographer Maggie Habieda, Lifebook workshop with Patrick Rhein, followed by getting interviewed by the awesome Ian L. Gordon on Monday, Keynote presentation for BFO on Tuesday, Jennifer Beale’s amazing Summer Networking Bash ~ just me and some 1200 other folk! ~ at Atlantis on Wednesday (and I was the one introducing all of the incredible speakers including Bill Walsh, Jason Reid, Christel Wintels and Lisa Kemper), and then last, CERTAINLY not least my ‘Spark Your G.E.N.I.U.S. Launch Party last night!
Phew… it’s been an amazingly crazy whirlwind of a week! Fabulous BBQ with friends over the weekend, yoga class with my amazing photographer Maggie Habieda, Lifebook workshop with Patrick Rhein, followed by getting interviewed by the awesome Ian L. Gordon on Monday, Keynote presentation for BFO on Tuesday, Jennifer Beale’s amazing Summer Networking Bash ~ just me and some 1200 other folk! ~ at Atlantis on Wednesday (and I was the one introducing all of the incredible speakers including Bill Walsh, Jason Reid, Christel Wintels and Lisa Kemper), and then last, CERTAINLY not least my ‘Spark Your G.E.N.I.U.S. Launch Party last night!

This week I celebrated the official launch of my new program and brand, ‘Spark your G.E.N.I.U.S.’. (want to learn more? Come join me at the next ‘Spark your G.E.N.I.U.S. Manifesto’ workshop on Aug. 21st! Shameless plug I know!!!)

It’s been a hectic week ~ s you can see from the photos above! ~ and so I am going to keep it short and sweet this week (for your sake and mine! Besides, it’s weekend time and I have a girlfriend coming over for dinner and a sleepover any minute now!!!)

A lot of people have been asking me why and how I came about having a launch party… and what it was really representing.


Well, besides the new program, it was really about celebrating. Celebrating where I’ve been, how far I’ve come, how much I’ve learned along the way ~ both failures and successes ~ and where I’m going… my vision for the future. And, of course, all of the amazing people in my life who have helped make it all possible.


3 words: Choose. Create. Commit.

CHOOSE. choose to believe. choose to go for it. And choose to dream big, play big, and live big.

CREATE. create a vision, create a plan (definitely an area of opportunity for me! I learned a thing or two this time around about the importance of planning ahead… talk about running around like a crazy chicken until the 11th hour!), create a space for celebration.

COMMIT. Commit to an idea. Commit to an action (however small). Commit to a name, a date in the calendar, a person. Commit to something… and then follow through.

So, what are YOU ready to launch? An idea? A new exercise regime? A new bedtime or wake up time? An event? A business? And it doesn’t have to be a massive, intimidating project, either. Smart SMALL. Start from where you are. AND (no more buts!) start NOW.

There you have it. Short and sweet, as promised.

Happy Friday, everyone! And have a FAB weekend!

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And now I want to hear from you! What are YOU ready to launch? What is holding you back? How can I support you? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.





living BIG… what does that even mean?!?

what does it mean to live big

I had a small perma-smile on my face the entire walk home from one end of the city to the other last night. As my mobile phone had crashed 2 minutes into my walk, I was forced ~ or rather blessed ~ to really take in the city. I took in all the sights, the sounds – took the time to put some money in this wonderful jazz singer/scatter’s case at a busy corner – and I actually noticed people. I mean I allowed myself to see them, to make eye contact. And I allowed them to see me, too.

All of a sudden I didn’t feel as though I were in a big city full of strangers. I honestly felt, at the risk of sounds cheesy, as though I were walking through a village full of friends (save for the lights and action on the streets of course!) 

And then I contemplated this week’s topic…

You see I am in the middle of writing a new downloadable report: 7 Ways to live big (or even BIGGER!) today. If I talk about living big, I should have some ideas, at least, about what it means to me. And I do!

It started from my New Year’s intention to be B.I.G. this year. (read all about my ‘resolutions, intentions, and goals, oh my!’ here!)  Although it’s going to mean something different to everyone, I had a few thoughts come to mind as I walked home. And I was eager to get them down on paper. So I treated myself to a nice glass of wine at the Colette Grand Café, on their newly opened pavilion, at a table for one, and pulled out my notebook. Thank goodness I carry it with me everywhere.

My apologies in advance as today is not going to have a simple 5-point bulleted list. However, it’s been a while since my last random stream of consciousness, no? (and for those of you who are joining us for the first time, welcome! And please don’t get scared off!)

So what does ‘living BIG’ mean to me?

living in the present moment. really seeing people and letting them see you. smiling. smiling just because. thinking big thoughts. dreaming big dreams. jumping in puddles. playing like children. playing with children. enjoying a glass of expensive wine on a happening patio ~ by yourself. being afraid, feeling the fear, and busting through it anyway. having the courage to ask… to ask questions and to listen to the answers… wherever they come from and however they come. being curious. being open. being vulnerable. being adventurous. being yourself, believing in yourself, and knowing you are always more than enough. doing what you said you were going to do when you said you were doing to do it. learning to say yes. learning to say no. drinking tap water out of Waterford Crystal. being able to work the big heels; being excited to kick them off. daring to try, daring to fail, daring to fly. telling someone you love that you love them. saying please and thank you. remembering people’s names. seeking others’ opinions and trusting yourself. taking action. not thinking about taking action, actually taking action. going for it. wanting it. wanting to, and living to, leave a legacy. living with passion, purpose, intention. living inspired. living empowered. wearing burgundy pants (just happened to see a man who totally ROCKED a pair.) connecting, communicating, committing. listening. seeing people as people. making friends with the jazz singer scatting her heart out on a busy corner with flowers in her hair. acknowledging people. acknowledging all that is around you and available to you. recognizing that, relishing in that, celebrating that. celebrating life… right here, right now. and being courageous enough to live there (ie here!), whatever that looks like. knowing now is all there is and all there ever will be…

Still with me?!?

Hmmm… and still so much more… So how do I make sense of THAT and break it down into 7 ways to start living big (or ever BIGGER) today?

“…daring to try. daring to fail. daring to fly.” (Click HERE to tweet it out!)


  • living to Learn (anything & everything.)
  • living to Inspire (anyone & everyone.)
  • living to Vibrate (positivity & joy.)
  • living to Empower (yourself & others.)
  • living to Believe (in yourself & your dreams.)
  • living to Instigate (action & change).
  • living to Give (love & service).

You know me and my acronyms!  Although not sure that covers it all… Perhaps we like adjectives over verbs? Perhaps I should scratch trying to make an acronym? Or perhaps I should heed my ideas from above ~ ask others opinions and trust myself! Ha!

I shall leave it at that. AND, would still LOVE to hear your thoughts and feedback :-).

What resonated with you? What does ‘living big’ mean to you? Please share all of your wonderful thoughts and ideas in the comments below. 

Have a FAB week, everyone!

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p.s. Thank you all for your kind words about my radio interview last week! You can still listen to the recording HERE. 

Stand Up; Speak Up ~ Radio interview with Walt Grassl

pleasing others or serving others?

serving others with border (








Okay, I’ll admit it, I tend to be a bit of a people pleaser. And although I have come a long way, I still do certain things in an effort to make others happy. To make others like me. To save face. Not that there is anything necessarily wrong with that, mind you. I mean, it’s nice to be nice to people. We all like nice people. And I do try to be a nice person. So, on a related note, I like to please.

That being said, it is important to look at the motivation behind our ‘wanting to please others’ actions.

Why are we wanting to please? To make others, or ourselves, happy? Are we doing things we don’t even really want to be doing sometimes merely to please? And are we ever going to be truly happy if we are always doing things thinking and hoping they will please?

Moreover, certainly we will never be able to please everybody. And if we are constantly striving for that, surely we are setting ourselves up for failure. And at what cost?

I think there is a big difference that needs to be distinguished between wanting to please versus wanting to serve.

  • Pleasing others elicits actions motivated by a desired outcome. Serving others elicits actions motivated by a desired behavior.
  • Pleasing others may elicit actions we don’t really want to do. Serving others more often elicits actions from a genuine want to do so.
  • Pleasing others may not stem from us being our most authentic selves. Serving others requires us to be our most authentic selves.
  • Pleasing others may not necessarily leave us, or others, feeling empowered. Serving others is all about empowerment.
  • Pleasing others may lead to exhaustion, burn-out, failure. Serving others is invigorating, energizing, inspiring.

If we are constantly operating from a place of wanting to please, how true are we being to who we are and what we are really trying to achieve? And our success is often dependent on others’ approval; others’ happiness and appreciation validating our actions.

On the other hand, when we are operating from a place of wanting to serve, we are dedicated to making a real difference. We are being true to ourselves, and sharing our authentic vision and voice because we have a genuine desire to do so.

When we are truly dedicated to serving others, we are operating from our highest goodness and left in our power, while leaving others in their highest goodness and in their power. Perhaps a more powerful place to operate from, no? Perhaps some food for thought.

(Or perhaps I’ve gone too deep here and the fresh seaside air is having an effect on me…)

Have a FAB week, everyone!

P.S. As I announced in my happy Friday newsletter last week, emspire has been launched! (well, the soft launch at least ~ only for the eyes of my nearest and dearest!) Emspire is the business initiative I am creating in an effort to come from a place of service… I would really welcome your honest feedback. Check it out at!)

have a little love, give a little love…

love (

(and not aimed solely for the sweethearts out there! read on…)

So in the spirit of Valentine’s week, I thought it pertinent to talk a little bit about love. No, we shouldn’t need an excuse to do so, and yes, perhaps it is largely a Hallmark holiday or a strategic attempt to boost the flower and chocolate economy, but you really never can overdo it when it comes to love. I mean, have you ever heard anyone say at the end of their days they simply had too much love? I didn’t think so.

Today is the perfect day to either have a little extra love for yourself, or perhaps give a little extra love to someone else.

One can never indulge in too much love, and just that little bit can really go a long way. We’ve all heard the saying, have a penny, leave a penny; need a penny, take a penny. Perhaps we could look at love a little the same way. Some days we have a little extra to give away, some days we need a little extra to take for ourselves. And I’m not talking about grand gestures here. There are lots of simple and meaningful ways to show ourselves, and others, a little extra lovin’.

ways you can have a little love for yourself:

  • go for a walk. Get some fresh air. Enjoy the scenery. It’ll do you good.
  • have a bubble bath. (Even the gentlemen can do this!)
  • take yourself out on a date. I did this last week… sat at the bar at a funky restaurant, had a nice glass of wine, even indulged in a delicious after eight crème brulee. It’s nice to enjoy your own company.
  • disconnect for a moment. Give yourself permission to not check e-mails, facebook, what’s app, linkedIn, google+ – whatever it is, if only for a little while.
  • buy yourself something nice. That book you’ve been wanting to read, that scarf you’ve been eyeing, Go on, you deserve it.
  • sneak a chocolate. Or you favorite candy, cookie, or bevvy. Whatever your guilty little pleasure is, indulgence in it.  

 ways you can give a little love to someone else:

  •  write someone a note. Be it an email, or even better, put pen to paper and send some good ol’ fashioned snail mail. Tell them hello, tell them you thought about them, tell them you appreciate them. It will make their day.
  •  smile at a stranger. We’ve all heard the saying ~ smile at the world and the world smiles back at you.
  • engage in a random act of kindness. Toss a coin in an expired parking meter. Buy the coffee for the person behind you in the drive-thru.
  • support a cause. We all know someone who is somehow raising money, participating in a charitable event, bravely championing a cause. Or we may have a cause that means something to us. Giving even a few dollars, or perhaps volunteering a few hours of our time, will make a difference.
  • call up an old friend. We’re all busy. It’s easy to get too caught up to catch-up. Make it happen. No doubt it’ll leave you both invigorated.
  • tell someone you love them.

Love really is what makes the world go around. So have a little love, give a little love, and you’ll get back a whole LOTTA love!

Have a FAB week, everyone!