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At first I felt pretty intimidated sitting in my chair and looking up at the panel of 3 very successful women in business (I mean we had Mandy Gilbert, founder of global recruiting firm Creative Niche, ranked in PROFIT 500 list of Canada’s fastest growing companies, Jacqueline Dinsmore, successful lawyer turned founder of Luvali Convertibles ~ accessories now found in over 2600 stores ~ and Tonia Jahshan, founder of Steeped Tea, which has grown over 2000% since partnering with 2 dragons in 2012.)

Impressive, right? However, my intimidation quickly turned to inspiration when I heard these – yes, incredibly successful, but also incredibly down-to-earth – women speak. Sure they have amazing achievements behind their companies, and yet they were pretty real about what they experienced and learned along the way.

They very generously and willingly shared their successes, their failures, their most defining moments in business, as well as their most valuable pieces of advice.

“If each of us in this room were about to board the gangplank onto a ship that was to take us to a land called success, what one piece of advice would you shout out at us?” Asked Liz Radzick, the amazing, always on point, and highly entertaining emcee.

“Don’t drown!” said Jackie, half jokingly, half serious. However she, as well as the others, had some other very pertinent thoughts.

Tonia: Be passionate and enthusiastic about whatever you do.

Mandy: Life is too short… so you may as well go for it.

Jackie: Do what you love and love what you do.

That last line just about sums up what each were saying. If you love what you do, you will certainly be passionate and enthusiastic about it. And life is simply too short NOT to be doing what you love.

Do what you love and love what you do. Sounds so simple, and yet how many of us are actually doing that?

So what is holding us back? What is holding YOU back?

At the end of the day, it’s not about the money. Jackie openly admitted she would be doing what she’s doing even if she weren’t getting paid because she loves it so much.

It’s not about the fame. Mandy shared it took her 9 years before she actually put her name and face out there as the founder of this successful, globally expanding business. Up until that point she still gave herself the label of ‘Director.’

It’s not about pleasing your friends and family. Tonia entertained us with stories of her first few tea parties, where she invited friends and family, and no one wanted her to host a party for them. Basically, they wished her good luck. Luckily, she was determined.

So if it’s not about the money, it’s not about the fame, and it’s not about pleasing others, just what IS it about?

Doing what you love and loving what you do. That’s what it’s all about. (Click to tweet it out!)

How true is this for YOU? 

If you know you have more to offer, more to give… If you know you have ideas and dreams that haven’t been realized yet… If you know you’ve been in hiding or in the waiting place for too long, and you are ready to do something about it, then I want to cordially invite you to my next full-day live event, “IGNITE.”

No more excuses. No more waiting. You are ready NOW.

It’s time to IGNITE your life & business 

  • You’ll get clear on all that makes up your inner G.E.N.I.U.S.
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  • You’ll craft your personal vision and mission statement
  • You’ll learn how to transform your big ideas into action

It’s YOUR time to shine.

There are only a few seats left… so what are you waiting for?!? Register HERE.

And if it’s not the right time or fit for you ~ I hope you are still doing what you love and loving what you do. And of course, I would be totally open to your help in spreading the word if you know someone who may be interested!!! Hint hint, nudge nudge!)

Have a FAB weekend, and Happy spooky Halloween!

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