Do you get FOMO? (and 3 thirst-quenching ways to deal…)

FOMO, otherwise known as ‘FEAR OF MISSING OUT’ is when you feel as though you are missing out on that exciting event, party, or happening. Perhaps you are staying in on a Friday night and are feeling a little lame. Or maybe you’re creeping around on social media and get the sense everyone else has a lot more going on or is having a lot more fun than you.

Now these feelings are valid ~ after all, anytime you feel any sort of emotion it’s valid, the question is ~ is it warranted?

As my Theatre School Director used to say in her strong British accent, ‘There will ALWAYS be another party.’

Indeed there will be. And it would be simply impossible to keep up with every single event, opportunity, and happening going on all of the time. Especially when you are starting to really put yourself out there, are meeting new people, and are joining new groups.

So if it’s normal to feel it… what can you do about?

Here are 3 ideas:

1. Take caution when comparing your ‘everyday life’ to someone else’s ‘highlight reel.’ Often a lot of FOMO comes from social media… we are bombarded with fun pictures and good times showing up on our newsfeeds and notifications every minute. However, it’s important to remember it’s often the exciting stuff that is being highlighted on purpose. And it doesn’t mean that is everyday life… You may want to consider disconnecting from social media every now and again (or even more regularly!)

2. Take a moment to appreciate and feel gratitude for all you have.  It’s easy to fall into the comparison trap when you lose sight of all the exciting things going on in your own life. Sometimes we forget to take a step back and celebrate all that we have around us.

3. Take notice of what is really being triggered. Sometimes when we feel we are missing out it’s because there is something underneath going on. Perhaps we are craving connection, or a good conversation, or simply need a change of scene. Consider connecting with a close family member or an important friend in order to fill up your love bucket.

And remember, (insert British accent here) ‘there will ALWAYS be another party’ (Click to tweet it out!)

Now while I certainly do not encourage nor condone FOMO, if you really want to avoid it after hearing about how much fun tomorrow’s IGNITE event will entail, I suggest you register NOW!!! Only 3 seats left… and yes, it will be sold out. Here is the link, one last time (promise!) :-).

Have a FAB and FOMO-free week, everyone!

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Carol Schulte

Carol is a published author, has been featured in numerous magazines and podcasts, and is a returning guest expert on Rogers TV. Having lived and worked in 16 countries including Ashrams in India and vans in New Zealand, rocked dreadlocks in Thailand and shaved her head for breast cancer, she certainly walks her talk and brings a global perspective to all she does. When she’s not traveling or speaking on stage, you can find her volunteering as a bereavement facilitator, training for her next triathlon, or practicing her serious carpool karaoke game.

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  1. Jennifer says

    Carol, you are so right in your comments today! Never compare yourself to someone else! Each of us are fabulous as we are!
    I often find that a Friday night is great to just go to a movie, alone, or with an available friend. I LOVE a good movie, so that’s one of my treats from me to me.
    Our week can be so busy and hectic, it is good to quietly let down and slow the pace. It always picks up again!

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