Find Your Brave: 7 Life-Changing Lessons to Transform Your Year Ahead! ✨

Happy Friday!

As Santa 🎅 counts the sleeps before he hops onto his sleigh 🛷, I find myself juggling the festive frenzy of gift wrapping and holiday prepping. Every year, I promise myself to be more organized, yet there’s always a last-minute dash!

But here’s the twist: I’m learning to be okay with it. Embracing my last-minute nature instead of beating myself up is a new kind of holiday magic for me.

Now, could I be ‘better’? Sure, but aren’t we all works in progress? This time of year, it can be all too easy to dwell on our shortcomings, what we haven’t achieved, or areas we think need fixing.

As we reflect on the year gone by and gear up for the new one, let’s not do it from a place of not being ‘enough.’ Before we leap into 2024, let’s take a moment to truly appreciate 2023…

On my flight to Calgary, en route to spend Christmas with my family, I did just that. While I was tempted to only brainstorm everything that needed to change, instead I made a list of all I had experienced, achieved, the obstacles I overcame, and the lessons learned this past year.

🌟 I’d like to share some of these insights with you: 🌟


1. Life’s short, but don’t rush. Be in it for the long game.

Find the balance between making the most of every moment and not hurrying through life. I used to rush everything, seeking immediate results. Now, I’m learning the art of patience and enjoying the journey. Remember, overnight success usually takes decades.


2. Focus on what you can control.

It’s human nature to dwell on the negatives, what we may be lacking, or what’s unfair. And often, it’s the stuff you can’t change. Shift your energy instead to what’s within your control and make the most of it.


3. Cherish your relationships.

I wouldn’t have had all of the fun nor amazing moments I did, let alone make it through this year (and still smiling!) if it weren’t for the AMAZEBALLS people in my life… you know who you are, and thank you. Work hard to cultivate the special connections in your life. Let those special folks know how you feel about them, and never take them for granted. I really do believe the quality of your life is determined by the quality of your relationships.


4. Shame can’t exist in the light.

The more you share, the less you hide. It was hard to share openly about my diagnosis this past fall. However, it lifted a weight off my shoulders. Openness brings freedom.


5. It’s going to be okay. You’re going to be okay.

Every challenge stretches and grows us, often in unexpected ways. Better days are always ahead.


6. Choose you.

It’s nice to be nice. And I’m not going to lie, I like pleasing people. But these past few months, I’m learning to prioritize myself. You don’t need an excuse to stand up for yourself, say what you need to say, do what YOU want to do. Because you really are worth it. Choose you.


7. Be brave enough to be YOU.

My biggest life lesson? Embracing who I truly am. I’ve spent years  trying to please, seeking approval — but this year, I’m choosing more and more to be authentically me. It’s been liberating to see what’s possible from here. Remember, you’ll only ever be the best in the world at being YOU.


As we close this year, I encourage you to ponder: 🤔

  • What were your biggest learnings?
  • What obstacles did you overcome?
  • How have you grown?
  • How did you surprise yourself?
  • What are you most proud of?


I’d love to hear your reflections and insights! Share your year’s highlights over at the blog, and let’s celebrate our journeys together.

Next week, I’ll be sharing my annual rituals to conclude the year with strength and step into the new one with a bolder, braver vision.

Wishing you all the joys and wonders of this festive season. Here’s to a year of joy, growth, fun, and more brave.


Have a FAB holiday! 🎄


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