How to Achieve ALL Your Dreams in 2018


“New Year, New YOU!”

“Let’s make this your BEST YEAR YET!”

“Achieve ALL your dreams in 2018!”

No doubt you are bombarded with messages like these at this time of year. (and my apologies, as that last one came from ME!)

While it makes sense – as we have a blank slate, a fresh page in front of us – it can also be pretty overwhelming!

And even though I love setting goals and making resolutions, I don’t always stick to them, and there is a scary stat that states 90% of people who set resolutions fall off the bandwagon by February. EEK!

Now whether you are ready to make a change, break a habit, or form a new one, I want you to watch this week’s video for 3 important reminders with respect to intentions, resolutions and goals (OH MY!)  

So, while I invite you to consider setting intentions, resolutions, or goals for 2018 (IF IT FEELS RIGHT!) I also want you to be gentle with yourself.

And listen to these reminders!

Let’s keep the conversation going… which thought struck a chord with you? What is your usual practice at this time of year?

Please share your answers below! And share this video with someone in your life you think could benefit (sharing is caring, after all!)

Have a FAB week!