inhale. exhale. repeat.

inhale. exhale. repeat

Happy Friday!

One of my professors in Springfield had a t-shirt that read these words:

Inhale. Exhale. Repeat.

I have to say I found it quite amusing. And it was so apropos for her, as she was such a ball of energy and it was go go go all the time. I suppose I could relate. Have you ever had those days or weeks where you are so busy sometimes you simply just forget to breathe? Well, I seem to be experiencing one of those right now. We have a family wedding tomorrow (actually, it has now turned into today!) – which is very exciting – but in true carol fashion I have left far too much to the last minute. You’d think I’d have had more time on my hands what with M in Wales and all, and yet apparently I made sure – whether consciously or not – that I would have absolutely no time on my own! Dare I have a moment when I could potentially register that I may be lonely.

I mean, it’s not as though that would likely have even happened, as I quite enjoy being on my own, but I somehow made sure there couldn’t possibility have even been the opportunity. Besides my teaching two nights a week, I also began another German course, which takes up another two evenings a week. There has been overtime at work, some yoga, late night bike tours and runs thrown into the mix, a birthday party, a Hamburger Fish Markt, a doctor’s appointment, a choir rehearsal – and that was just this week. And somehow I needed to then squeeze in dress and shoe shopping, a much overdue hair appointment, wedding gift shopping, plus all of the organizing of the 50’s style costume pieces and garb, and accompanying scrapbooking supplies, for the photo booth we are setting up. And oh yes, I also I wanted to get the place spic and span for M’s arrival. phew. 

Now as many of you I like being busy – but there is a fine line being busy, and being absolutely crazy. And sometimes in the event of the latter, you can forget to breathe. And then it’s no fun anymore!

Inhale. Exhale. Repeat. I feel as though there are many ways in which this simple unsolicited t-shirt advice could be read. Just breathe – yes, that is important. Take a moment for yourself every now and again to notice your breathing. To really be in the moment, if only for a moment, and to enjoy that moment. It also reminds us that life doesn’t really have to be all that complicated. We breathe in, we breathe out, and we do it again.

Sometimes we (and myself included here!) want to make things so much more complicated than they are, or need to be. Sometimes we move a mile a minute and have no time to even notice the flowers, let alone take the time to smell them.

And sometimes life seems so overwhelming we don’t even know where to start… So, let’s just start with the inhale, and then the exhale. Take it s-l-o-w.

It’s fun to be busy, but we also need to be okay with not having a jam-packed schedule, and to perhaps take a moment or two to do absolutely nothing. Perhaps I should listen to myself… well, perhaps one day soon. But not this morning! We leave for the ceremony in a few hours and still lots of wrapping and writing and prettying up to be done!

Have a FAB week, everyone!