Living Big on the inside is JUST as important as Living Big on the outside…

Good times this week… Mariachi Band selfies, getting interviewed at El Financiero, biking along El Paseo de la Reforma (losing my wallet, and then insisting I retrace my ride and find it… and LOW AND BEHOLD there is way ~ CAH-RAZY ~ power of belief!), Lucha Libre, Sweat Lodge, Cathedral Bell Tower tour, sunset yoga, picnic in the park, dancing… 

Living BIG on the inside is JUST as important as living BIG on the outside…


It’s true, I like living BIG!

Now I don’t mean big in terms of swanky homes, stylish clothes, or showy cars. (Not that there’s anything wrong with any of those, mind you!)

To me, living big is more about creating new experiences that are going to enrich your life (like the Sweat Lodge I went to this week, or riding in a hot air balloon over the pyramids like I’m going to do tomorrow!), stepping outside of your comfort zone, and taking action on your big goals and dreams.

And yet, I’m realizing more and more living big is also about how you’re living on the inside.

Moreover, I’m realizing if you’re not first living big on the inside, it’s near impossible to be able to live big on the outside.


What do I mean? And how can you apply this idea to your life?

Here are three ways to live just a little bit bigger ON THE INSIDE this week (or throughout your life, for that matter!)


  1. Believe in yourself.


Perhaps a tad trite, and yet also totally true.


You are far more capable than you even realize.

You are far more brilliant than you could ever imagine.

You are far more powerful than you give yourself credit for.


As one of my good friend’s Dan Blackburn often says: ‘When you believe in you as much as you want others to believe in you, success will find you.’

And success, of course, is whatever and however YOU choose to define it.

Living BIG means believing in all you are, all you have to offer, and all you have to give.


  1. Connect with yourself.


I’m beginning to discover part of my journey this year is going to be spiritual. Getting quiet, being present in the moment, creating space.

One of my resolutions I’m actually sticking to includes meditating, or even breathing, for at least 3 minutes a day (you’ve got to start somewhere, right?!?)

As someone who’s so used to being busy, thrives on a full schedule, and is often go-go-go, this is an important challenge I want to tackle.

Living BIG means spending time with yourself, being present with yourself, connecting with yourself.


  1. Love yourself.


It’s one thing to believe in yourself, it’s another to truly love yourself.

One of my fave recent reads is ‘You Are a Badass’ by Jen Sincero. And she finds a way to throw in this idea at the end of many of her chapters.


Love yourself. And life becomes a party.

Love yourself. No matter who you really are.

Love yourself. And everybody benefits.

Love yourself. While you still have a chance.

Love yourself. Unless you have a better idea.


And she’s right.

It’s not the first time you’ve heard it, and it may sound cliché, but it will never grow old.

Living BIG means loving ALL of yourself.



Living BIG is going to mean something different to you than it does to me. And yet, there are also some universal truths that exist.

If you truly want to live big, you’ve got to believe in yourself, connect with yourself, and love ALL of yourself. (Click to tweet it out!)

If you truly want to live big, make a big difference in the world, step into your biggest potential, you must first start living big on the inside. 


Have a FAB week!

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So, how are YOU going to live just a little bit bigger on the inside this week? Share your comments below.


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