living BIG… what does that even mean?!?

what does it mean to live big

I had a small perma-smile on my face the entire walk home from one end of the city to the other last night. As my mobile phone had crashed 2 minutes into my walk, I was forced ~ or rather blessed ~ to really take in the city. I took in all the sights, the sounds – took the time to put some money in this wonderful jazz singer/scatter’s case at a busy corner – and I actually noticed people. I mean I allowed myself to see them, to make eye contact. And I allowed them to see me, too.

All of a sudden I didn’t feel as though I were in a big city full of strangers. I honestly felt, at the risk of sounds cheesy, as though I were walking through a village full of friends (save for the lights and action on the streets of course!) 

And then I contemplated this week’s topic…

You see I am in the middle of writing a new downloadable report: 7 Ways to live big (or even BIGGER!) today. If I talk about living big, I should have some ideas, at least, about what it means to me. And I do!

It started from my New Year’s intention to be B.I.G. this year. (read all about my ‘resolutions, intentions, and goals, oh my!’ here!)  Although it’s going to mean something different to everyone, I had a few thoughts come to mind as I walked home. And I was eager to get them down on paper. So I treated myself to a nice glass of wine at the Colette Grand Café, on their newly opened pavilion, at a table for one, and pulled out my notebook. Thank goodness I carry it with me everywhere.

My apologies in advance as today is not going to have a simple 5-point bulleted list. However, it’s been a while since my last random stream of consciousness, no? (and for those of you who are joining us for the first time, welcome! And please don’t get scared off!)

So what does ‘living BIG’ mean to me?

living in the present moment. really seeing people and letting them see you. smiling. smiling just because. thinking big thoughts. dreaming big dreams. jumping in puddles. playing like children. playing with children. enjoying a glass of expensive wine on a happening patio ~ by yourself. being afraid, feeling the fear, and busting through it anyway. having the courage to ask… to ask questions and to listen to the answers… wherever they come from and however they come. being curious. being open. being vulnerable. being adventurous. being yourself, believing in yourself, and knowing you are always more than enough. doing what you said you were going to do when you said you were doing to do it. learning to say yes. learning to say no. drinking tap water out of Waterford Crystal. being able to work the big heels; being excited to kick them off. daring to try, daring to fail, daring to fly. telling someone you love that you love them. saying please and thank you. remembering people’s names. seeking others’ opinions and trusting yourself. taking action. not thinking about taking action, actually taking action. going for it. wanting it. wanting to, and living to, leave a legacy. living with passion, purpose, intention. living inspired. living empowered. wearing burgundy pants (just happened to see a man who totally ROCKED a pair.) connecting, communicating, committing. listening. seeing people as people. making friends with the jazz singer scatting her heart out on a busy corner with flowers in her hair. acknowledging people. acknowledging all that is around you and available to you. recognizing that, relishing in that, celebrating that. celebrating life… right here, right now. and being courageous enough to live there (ie here!), whatever that looks like. knowing now is all there is and all there ever will be…

Still with me?!?

Hmmm… and still so much more… So how do I make sense of THAT and break it down into 7 ways to start living big (or ever BIGGER) today?

“…daring to try. daring to fail. daring to fly.” (Click HERE to tweet it out!)


  • living to Learn (anything & everything.)
  • living to Inspire (anyone & everyone.)
  • living to Vibrate (positivity & joy.)
  • living to Empower (yourself & others.)
  • living to Believe (in yourself & your dreams.)
  • living to Instigate (action & change).
  • living to Give (love & service).

You know me and my acronyms!  Although not sure that covers it all… Perhaps we like adjectives over verbs? Perhaps I should scratch trying to make an acronym? Or perhaps I should heed my ideas from above ~ ask others opinions and trust myself! Ha!

I shall leave it at that. AND, would still LOVE to hear your thoughts and feedback :-).

What resonated with you? What does ‘living big’ mean to you? Please share all of your wonderful thoughts and ideas in the comments below. 

Have a FAB week, everyone!

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p.s. Thank you all for your kind words about my radio interview last week! You can still listen to the recording HERE. 

Stand Up; Speak Up ~ Radio interview with Walt Grassl

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  1. Margaret says

    Spent a sleepless night. My two previous granddaughters are hollidaying in France with their father. They are staying just outside the city of Nice. Their email this morning confirmed they are safe. My heart aches for the dead and injured and their families and friends but my heart soars with relief my grands are safe. Difficult times for sure. Margaret

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