Patience, perseverance, and play

patience, perseverance and play

Happy Friday!

And Noswaith dda (that means good evening in Welsh!) from a grey, but rain free Wales. That’s right folks, the rain does cease to fall every once in a while. Hallelujah. In fact, two days this week Mr. Sun decided to shine his face!

It was a welcome sight, let me tell you.

And even though it didn’t take long for the beautiful blue sky to soon turn to cloud, and there was rain again by the end of the day (I have actually yet to witness a day sans rain completely, but that’s besides the point!), it was enough to make me realize that life may not always be sunny, but nor will it always be grey.

We all may have a few grey days in our lives here and there, but it won’t last. It doesn’t have to last. We don’t have to let it last. And as I mentioned in last week’s post, sometimes we just need a little bit of faith.

And beyond that, a few other qualities I discovered that were pertinent to my week (and just because alliterations are fun!) patience, perseverance, and play.


Did anyone else’s mother ever mention — or rather hammer home — the notion ‘patience is a virtue‘? Well, as ironic as that was coming from my mother (don’t get me wrong I loved her to bits for all that she was, but patient was not one! Although I will admit this area is one of the many areas I also take after her…), it is so true.

Patience is a virtue. It’s hard to always put into practice, as I can certainly attest to wanting things to happen, like, yesterday, but sometimes we need to give it time. And sometimes we need to remember to take baby steps. I can’t expect to get a job without a little work. First comes the CV updating, then comes the distribution and the application and the knocking down doors, then comes the interview, and then perhaps, if the fit is right, comes the offer. I can’t be upset with myself if I don’t have a job yet when I haven’t even taken each of the baby steps required to get there. (But, I do have two interviews lined up for next week, so fingers crossed…) One step at a time; it’s not a race, and it’ll happen eventually. 

patience (


I am sure we are all familiar with the old adage If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, again. It’s never about if, how, or why you failed, but about how you pick yourself up and get back in the game. And sometimes this includes knowing when to steer onto another path, at others when to change your current tactics all together.

So I have been struggling to open up a bank account since the beginning of last week. I needed something stating my address, so I had my landlord adjust the tenancy agreement to also include my name. Done. Well apparently that wasn’t good enough. I needed an actual piece of mail, so I called British Gas to set up a new account in my name and had a letter sent to me. Done and done. Well apparently that wasn’t good enough. I needed not just a letter from a utility company with my account number, I needed an official utility bill. Well, considering we’ve only been in there a week, a bill hadn’t been processed yet; they only come every three months… it goes on. The bank were quick to suggest one thing or another, and yet wouldn’t just open up an account for me!

Well at this point, I was fed up. And so yesterday morning, I marched into another large bank, with my UK passport, tenancy agreement, and addressed utility bill in hand, prepared for another fight. Instead, I was greeted by a lovely gentleman, who not only saw me right away, but only needed a copy of my passport, trusted my address when I gave it to him, and opened up an account for me right there on the spot. HSBC: your local bank. I think not! It’s a pity – as I always love reading their clever ads coming off the plane… Stick with it, don’t give up, and you’ll eventually get ‘er done!

don't give up (


I came back from a run one morning, and while I was stretching, looked up to the sky and the sun was so bright I had to slightly close my eyes. What? Sun? Too bright? And in Wrexham, where I have admittedly been complaining of nothing but rain?

Well, that sun sure made me smile. And then it made me chuckle. And then it made me think of a line from one of my fave Indigo Girls’ songs: “It’s only life after all…’ Indeed. Sometimes we can take ourselves so seriously! Correction: Sometimes I can take myself so seriously – too seriously. This week I was pretty productive, but I was also almost all business. What’s the point of getting anywhere, crossing any amount of things off of the to-do list, if we aren’t having fun while doing it? Be serious when you need to be serious, have fun when it’s time to have fun, and remember that it’s only life after all.

And on that note, I would like to share with you a song and accompanying video I was introduced to last weekend (It may have been out for a little while – and so I may be a little late on the uptake! But interesting to note, it is the first time in history a Korean musician has made #1 on the UK charts!) as a reminder that life can indeed be fun. Perhaps a little random, a little confusing, and a little crazy at times (using the video as a metaphor here – go with it!), but fun. So I challenge you all to find your own way to rock out and have fun this week, to find your own ‘Gangnam Style’, if you will.

(click on photo below to see video)
gangnam style (

Have a FAB week, everyone!

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