It’s time to stop learning!

My week in pictures: LOTS of PanAm fun with my partner in crime, meeting Serena Ryder after her #Panamania performance, watching Canada take gold in both men’s and women’s rugby sevens (Go Canada Go!), running under the triathlon arch, holding the PanAm torch, learning to row!


Time to stop learning!

I’m going camping. Tents, sleeping bags, s’mores… the whole nine yards. And although this trip has been planned for months, it couldn’t have arrived at a more ideal time.

This week I had an extremely enlightening conversation with my coach and mentor. Basically, what came out of it was it was time to ‘stop learning!

WHAT?!? But I love to learn!!! How could I do that? Why would I want to do that?!?

I’m sure your initial reaction was similar to mine.

Please allow me to explain.

It’s good to want to learn. In fact, it’s GREAT to want to learn and continue to grow. And yet, you may get to a point where you are so filled of wisdom and knowledge and ideas and suggestions and theories and concepts and tools and tricks and shoulds and to-dos from SO MANY other amazing leaders and successful people out there, you lose the ability to actually listen to your own voice.

When was the last time you got quiet enough to listen to what it was you believed?
When was the last time you threw out your morning rituals, your checklists, your to-dos?
When was the last time you lived not according to your schedule, but according to your desires?

It may seem counter-intuitive, I know. And yet I’ve gone without a schedule for five days now, and let me tell you it is FREEING!!!

Yes, there are going to be deadlines you have to meet and appointments you have to keep. However beyond the necessities, YOU get to choose how you spend your time.

And you know what? With all of the shoulds and checklists and to-dos out of the way… you may be surprised to find you get even more done!

My challenge to you this week is to let go. Where can you lose the schedule? Ditch the to-dos? Try easy instead of try hard?

Be free to say yes when you truly want to say yes, and free to say no when you really want to say no.

There is no one way to go, no one way to be, no one way that is going to work for everyone.

Stop learning. Start listening… listening to your own voice. Be free to trust, to let go, to say yes, to say no. You already have all the answers. Click to tweet it out!

Hmmm… by now it may be about time I start setting up my tent!

Have a FABULOUS weekend!

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Is it time for YOU to perhaps ditch the to-dos? I would love to hear from you in the comments below. 


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