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On Tuesday I had the incredible opportunity to volunteer at ‘The Art Of… Entrepreneurship.’ I felt at home. I was lit up. Surrounded by impressive, creative, go-getters who were oozing with passion, purpose, and drive. Folks who were going after the life they wanted, folks who were breaking free from the mould, folks who were doing what it took to pursue their dreams. Taking big risks and playing bigger games. It left me on a high. And I’ve stayed there since ~ and growing from there.

I wonder if if there is such thing as inspiration overdose?!? Hmm…

Although I wanted to be able to properly digest and formulate and make sense of all I heard and experienced – in an effort to share one cohesive thought with you – it’s simply not going to happen. Not because I’m tired ~ because that’s just where I’m at. Plus, I wanted you to see and experience the fact that insights and ideas don’t always come in brown paper packages tied up with string. The idea incubator normally starts in a place of disarray.

And so I’m allowing myself to stay here in this messy kitchen that is my mind. No point rushing for clarity. I trust it will come in due time. However ideas are a-brewing!

Moreover, these are some valuable insights and nuggets of wisdom you’re about to be privy to! I’m all about sharing the inspiration and spreading the love…

Create your own culture. Be different. Weird people change the world. ~ Eric Ryan, co-founder of Method cleaning products

Be authentic, and success will come to you. Surround yourself with the best. Have a sense of humour. Embrace your mistakes. Balance = Happiness. Do you have time to be needed? If you’re needed you’re happy; if you’re happy you’re needed. Women should be like push-up bras ~ uplifting and supportive. And make us all look good…  ~ Debbie Travis

Do something that matters.

Are you a chameleon? a martyr? a hustler? You’ve got to be a practitioner. Give a crap. Make your actions predicated by the world that we live in. It’s time to go deep. ~ Gary Vaynerchuk

Know where you are; know where you want to go. Are you ready to bridge the gap? Mind the gap?

If we’re honest, no one knows what they’re doing. You’ve gotta start where you’re at. And it may be janky at first. You can build from there. ~ Alexis Ohanian, co-founder of Reddit

You have to own the risks. And eat kale chips. ~ Jay Klein, founder of pür gum

I believe in big goals. I believe in dreaming big. ~ Drew Green, founder of shop(dot)ca

You can’t be all things to all people. Know thyself. Be thyself.

Find out what your passion is, and what others care about. Look at where they converge. If you’re good at one thing, chances are you’ll be good at another. Definition of an entrepreneur: Someone who is willing to work 24hrs/day for themselves, in order to avoid working 1hr/day for someone else. ~ Chris Guillebreau, author of ‘$100 Start-up’ & ‘The Happiness of Pursuit’

Once you stop stopping yourself, you’ll realize how unstoppable you are. You don’t have to know precisely where you’re going, just precisely where you’re not staying. ~ James MacNeil

Never give in. Never give up. If greatness is within others, it’s within you, too. If you believe in you as much as you want others to believe in you, success will find you. ~ Dan Blackburn

We all feel fear… the question is what are you going to despite of it?!? ~ Noel Walrond

It needs to be a stretch. You have to get on the court. How high do you want to go? Be the architect of your own life. ~ Byron Nelson

Work like a rookie who is going on vacation tomorrow.  ~ Keith Watters

Opportunities exist everywhere if we choose to believe we can achieve them. ~ Leyla Razeghi

Your comfort zone is killing you. ~ Billy Anderson

And the idea that stood out the most:

Work for a cause, not applause. Live life to express, not impress. Don’t strive to make your presence noticed, just make your presence felt.

(author unknown, however giving credit to Raza Aziz for introducing me to it!) CLICK TO TWEET IT OUT!

So there you have it.

In summary: Do what you love and you’ll love what you do. Be who you are and you will succeed. Dare to try and you’ll dare to fly.

Start from where you are… just start.

When I was 11, apparently I responded to my parents (who were actually big enough to apologize for something they were wrong about) with “That’s okay! After all, there is no dress rehearsal for being a parent.” Well there is also no dress rehearsal for your life. This is all we’ve got. One shot. What are you going to make of it? What are you waiting for?!?

Have a FAB week, everyone!

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