Start With Why, and then STAND FOR Your Why. (Here’s why!)

Happy Friday!

Having just completed the founding member launch to The Brave Society this past week, boy did I learn a ton.

First of all, putting yourself out there is NO JOKE!

Was it scary? Absolutely.
Was it easy? Not at all. 
Was it successful? Yes AND No!

See, success can be defined in many ways.

With respect to reaching my goal of number of sign-ups, not so much.
With respect to showing up and playing full out, learning a whole lot, and being super excited to now have an amazeballs group of women to experience this brave journey alongside with – I’d say I knocked it out of the park! ⚾️

While there is absolutely a whole lot I’d do differently, that simply means there is also a whole lot I learned.

Here are the 3 biggest insights gleaned:


1. STAND FOR Your Why. 👊

No doubt you’ve heard of Simon Sinek, and his incredible ‘Start with why’ concept. Indeed it’s very powerful. AND, sometimes you gotta take it a step further.

Once you’re clear on your ‘why’ (championing others or a cause, your family, financial independence…) you gotta be prepared to take a stand for it – and to get into ACTION. I chose to take a stand for you (hence the reason you may have been seeing more of me recently!) because I believe in this brave community, I believe in the brave models and concepts I teach, and I believe in you. 


2. LET GO! 

Again, putting yourself out there (and the fear that comes up when you do) is real! You’ll feel the fear on so many levels… will it flop, will it not, will it be well-received, will it – or I – be criticized… When you are ready and willing to play bigger, you also gotta be willing to LET GO!

To let go from expectations, from being attached to the desired outcomes, from caring about what people may think or say.


3. Celebrate the Win 🎉 of the EXPERIENCE!

Its not about the number of sign-ups.
It’s not about coming first place.
It’s not about whether your big idea is given the green light or not.

And it’s definitely not about how many people think you’re amazing or how many people think you’re crazy.

It really is about the experience. That’s the real win.

Because any time you do something new, something scary, something that asks you to really put yourself out there – it’s about the fact you did it at all! So the experience itself is the win, and the win deserves to be celebrated.

And with that, I encourage you – no, I DARE YOU! – to choose an area of your life where you’re ready to perhaps more bravely show up or play bigger – and choose one small step of action to take this week.

And then let me know what you take on, and how it goes in the comments below!

I continue to be so honoured & grateful to have you in my world.


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