Wanna Learn the 3 Pillars of Happiness?

My week in pics: Seeing monkeys and sloths at the famous Manuel Antonio National Park, sneaking in some beach time in Costa Rica, and saying goodbye to all of my Remote Year adventures and coming HOME!

Happy Friday!

(And happy 1st day of Advent!)

And greetings from where I’m back on Canadian soil, in home surf, and in cold weather!

It’s been a bit of an adjustment these past few days I’ve been home, however I must say it also feels good to be back. 

Although it’s been so fun to experience adventures all over the world, ultimately, I’m realizing happiness doesn’t necessarily come from the epic moments in life. 

Last week with UGO Travel For Change, we talked about what it really means to experience happiness in our lives. Extensive research was conducted, and it turns out there are only three things we need to be truly happy. 

Watch this week’s video to learn about the three pillars of happiness…

And now I want to hear from YOU!

Take some time to examine each of these three pillars in your life, and give yourself an honest rating.

And then think about which pillar you may want to spend a little extra energy on!

Share your thoughts and answers to these questions here or on the YouTube channel.

I can’t wait to hear from you!

Have a FAB week!

2 Replies to “Wanna Learn the 3 Pillars of Happiness?”

  1. I appreciated this video as it is very much in line with what I have been giving more thought to lately, and that is practicing being grateful. I never really gave it much thought before except for once a year when Thanksgiving rolled around. I’m beginning to realize that I can be grateful every day and not just one day out of the year. Someone gifted me with “Daily Gratitudes: A Journal to Record the Good Things in My Life” a while back. I don’t even remember who it was but I found it when I was unpacking after we had purchased our home at the first of the month. I have decided that I would actually use it to begin recording what I am grateful for, if not daily, at least when something comes to mind. It is small enough to carry it in my purse so I can have it with me at all times. Thank you, Carol for being you, and for being such a blessing and encouragement to women all over!

    1. Andrea, thank you for sharing your thoughtful comments… I am SOO pleased you are realising you can be grateful every day, as it is a GAME CHANGER! I hope you used your journal today ~ I think that is a perfect action to commit to ~ and love it fits in your purse! I appreciate your kind words, too :-).

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