From Tears to Cheers: 3 Lessons Learned from the Dichotomy of my Day

My Week in Pics: Celebrating Canada Day and the 4th of July with my fellow remotes; visiting Terezin Concentration Camp, listening to Canadian Children’s Opera Chorus perform songs from Brundibar, and meeting survivor John Freund ~ who lived in that same camp and watched that same opera 75 years earlier… and then on the other extreme indulging in a Prague Foodie Tour.

From Tears to Cheers: 3 Lessons Learned from the Dichotomy of my Day

Happy Friday!

And greetings from beautiful Prague, Czech Republic.

Yup. I’m in a new city, new country, new continent since last week ~ and I have to say so far I am loving it here. Walking down the cobblestone streets with the the rich history, beautiful buildings, gothic domes and cathedrals… it almost feels as though you are taking part in a storybook.

Five days in, and I’m feeling quite at home. Even began to learn Czech today! And, I’ve had some pretty neat experiences. The two highlights – and they were biggies – taking place in one day.

Yesterday was full of tears and cheers. And it was tough to go from one extreme to the other.

I visited Terezin ~ a walled city that acted as a Ghetto during WWI from 1941 – 1945, an hour outside of Prague. It housed a concentration camp, army barracks, and more than 150,000 people were held for months or years before being deported to other camps, many of which for extermination.

However even more moving was the story behind my visit. One of my dear friends from Toronto informed me her daughter was currently on tour with the Canadian Children’s Opera Company, performing Brundibar, a children’s opera performed by the children in this concentration camp 75 years ago. And there was a pretty special 87-year old in the audience, for whom it wasn’t his first visit…

Watch this week’s video to hear the moving story, as well as how I then went to another extreme, experiencing a Prague Foodie Tour, and the lessons gleaned moving from one to the other.

(Yes, a tad longer than usual, yet worth the 7 minutes, I promise!)

Perhaps a little heavy today. And yet it was a real slice of a day in the life of…

1. Same Same but Different
2. Appreciate it All.
3. Give Back; Give Big.

What lesson most resonated with you? And what one small action will you commit to taking today as a result? I want to hear from you over at the blog or on my YouTube Channel

Happy Friday, and have a FAB week.

P.S. If you’re interested in learning more of John Freund’s story, you can do so here:

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  1. Tommie says

    Thank you for sharing your experiences. What a moving , emotional day. I feel like you’re taking me along with you! Safe travels!

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