The ONLY question you need to ask yourself.

Is all you’re doing right now, all you have going on in your life – making you happy?

In her brilliant book ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up,‘ Marie Kondo shares the single most important question to ask when de-cluttering your space (and your life!) is this one: DOES IT BRING YOU JOY?’ 

Simple, yet POWERFUL.

And I think we can use this very same idea when looking at all  we want to create in our lives – this year and beyond!

We have options and opportunities being thrown at us left, right, and centre…. and yet when we’re clear on what brings us JOY, it’ll be so much easier to choose where to spend our limited energy.

Watch this week’s video to learn the 3 ways this question will help you stay on track to achieve ALL of your dreams this year.

And now I want to hear from YOU!

What would happen if you asked yourself this question when you were examining all you have currently on your plate, and all you wanted to create this year?

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Have a FAB week!

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