Top 10 Nuggets Taken from the EPIC Archangel Summit!

Top 10 Nuggets Taken from the EPIC Archangel Summit!

Happy Friday!

This past Wednesday (on World Peace Day,)I had the privilege of being in the audience for what proved to be a totally epic, ridiculously inspiring, heart-lit-up-on-fire kinda day.

It was the first ever Archangel Summit, and luckily founder and visionary Giovanni Marsico decided only a few years ago to give up any expectations, and give into all dreams.

And thank goodness he did… or the 1300 people that day, not to mention the thousands more he’s had at past events and in his Archangel Academy, would not have been touched in the way I know they were.

The line-up of speakers were extraordinary, and the audience members were passionate and purpose-driven entrepreneurs, dreamers, and change makers.

It may sound dramatic, and it kinda is!

I truly believe when you believe whole-heartedly in your mission, and you’re prepared to put in the work, you truly can change the world. Or at least, perhaps we can together.

Instead of trying to tie everything I gleaned up into a neat little bow, I’d like to share my fave nuggets from each of these powerful thought leaders (and for those of you who are extremely observant, yes, there are actually 11, not 10… think go it as a bonus for you!!!) 


  • If world class was easy, everyone would be doing it. There is no traffic in your own lane. Messy is the price of legendary. ~ Robin Sharma
  • We give ourselves what we feel we deserve. It’s okay to be scared. We all have a gift and we need to use it. ~ Philip McKernan
  • Be a talent scout; amazing people become even more amazing over time. Never tarnish your word. Always invest in your relationships. ~ Jayson Gaignard
  • Over 40% of our everyday is shaped by our habits. Change your habits, and you change your life. ~ Gretchen Rubin
  • If you want to make one million dollars, serve one million people. Figure out your gift. Keep dreaming. ~ Giovanni Marsico
  • I don’t believe in Art. I believe in Artists. There is no such thing as writer’s block – it’s merely an inability to dance with our fear. ~ Seth Godin
  • You know when intuition has to eclipse logic. Don’t miss the magic. What is YOUR barnacle leap? (Check out this video she showed of the Barnacle Goose… a bit disturbing at first, however only happy endings… because ‘The risk of death by staying in the nest is greater than the risk of leaping before knowing if it can fly.’) ~ Natalie MacNeil
  • I encounter every lesson in life on purpose. Love is a metric. Love your tribe. Show your dance moves on the dance floor. ~ Jadah Sellner
  • Your limitations become your life. You can’t course correct standing still. Don’t wish it were easier, make yourself stronger. ~ JJ Virgin
  • You are the messenger. Every day we have the opportunity to extend the belief in someone else, in their humanity, and change their life. And you may never know about it, and it doesn’t matter. ~ Dan Martell
  • Care about people. HUSTLE. Put in the work. Know what you’re good at. Go for the ask. Don’t blindly follow the masses. Pay attention to who you are and who your kids are, instead of trying to mold them into something. ~ Gary Vaynerchuk


And now for some nuggets of my own.

Dream BIG. Believe. Say yes before you’re ready. Notice your fear ~ it only shows up when you’re playing at the edge of your comfort zone. (Click to tweet it out!) Recognize, own, and celebrate your gifts. And yes, you are enough.

What about YOU? You or I may not have been on that inspiring stage (at least not this year!) however we also have our own gifts to give, our own nuggets to share, our own legacy to leave. What will YOURS be? I wanna hear from you in the comments below.


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