What are you in the relentless pursuit of?

I had the honour and privilege of being one of over 1,000 delegates chosen to attend TEDx Toronto at The Royal Conservatory of Music yesterday. WOW… what a day. It was my first time attending, however I am pretty certain it will not be my last.

The lights went down in Koerner Hall at precisely 11:00am, and when they came up again we were delighted, dazzled, and completely amazed by the entire Toronto Symphony Orchestra performing Ravel’s Boléro. I got present pretty fast, and knew I was in for a treat.

The day unfolded with one inspiring and impressive talk after another, sprinkled with performances by Choir!Choir!Choir! (who actually had us all standing up and joining in their enthusiastic rendition of Patti Smith’s ‘Because the Night’… SO fun!), Maylee Todd, and the entertainment of amazing host Drew Dudley.

Relentless Pursuits. That was the theme.

From the program: “We are driven by our pursuits. They are the ideas, goals and dreams in our lives that we commit to which are greater than ourselves, fueled by a passion, dedication and the burning desire to achieve. Our relentless pursuits engage us and provide us with intense focus to improve the experience of tomorrow. They are the manifestation of our ideas in action and give us the uncompromising determination to venture into the unknown. Relentless pursuits feed our curiosity of the world, and present worthwhile challenges that bring meaning to our lives….”

It would be impossible for me to share the essence, ideas, and messages from each of the 14 speakers – and yet each deserve accolades – as their own relentless pursuits are incredibly inspiring to say the least.

A little taste: 

Keith Vanderlinde, cosmologist at The University of Toronto, spent a year operating the South Pole telescope ~ in -100 degree weather ~ where for months on end he would never see the sun. “Through exploring beyond your comfort zone, you find yourself.”

Rachel Parent, 15-year old founder of Kids Right to Know; is on mission to fight for GMO labels to become a law in Canada. “My message is simple: Just label it.”

Sabrina Jalees, super talented comedian and actor, through her journey of coming out on stage, is all about owning the things that make you different. “By being proud of who I was, I realized I could change lives.”

John Cruickshank, Publisher of the Toronto Star and President of the Star Media Group, is committed to improving civic engagement and democratic vitality. “80% of life is showing up. So how do we get Canada to show up?”

Nav Bhatia, known as the official Raptor’s Superfan, is dedicated to changing the perception of not only Sikhs, but all people, in Canada. “If there is heaven on this Earth, it’s right here in Canada.”

Dr. Margot Taylor, Director of Functional Neuroimaging at the Hospital for Sick Children, shared some of her impressive research looking at cognitive development and frontal lobe functions of PTSD patients. “What questions are you being asked, that you are too scared to answer?”

And that isn’t even half of the speakers…

I’m not going to lie. I was not only extremely humbled, but also challenged to look at what Relentless Pursuits I am dedicated to in my own life. Still pondering on that one… however right now I am dedicated to helping people realize they are capable of pursuing whatever relentless pursuits they may desire.

It was an amazing day filled with ideas worth spreading, and therefore ideas worth sharing with you.

What are your relentless pursuits? In our getting curious, asking questions, and taking action on our ideas, indeed we can change the world. Click to tweet it out!

Have a FAB week, everyone!

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What is your reaction to the idea of Relentless Pursuits? What is YOUR relentless pursuit? I want to hear from you in the comments below!


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