The world needs your fighting. Someone needs your cheering.

The world needs your fighting. Someone needs your cheering.

Standing at the Run for the Cure Wall of Hope, seeing all of those names and meaningful messages to loved ones remembered, still bravely fighting, or celebrating survival, is always an emotional moment for me.

And this past Sunday ~ despite being clad in wings, flowers, feathered boas et al, despite the sea of pink (my fave colour always makes me happy,) and despite watching the sun bursting through the clouds to appear in its magnificence over the CN tower (it was forecasted to rain!) ~ was no different.

Although it’s been 11 years since losing my Mother to breast cancer, and 10 years of participating in the run, it still gets me every time. (You can read my full story here… and yes, if you feel like donating the equivalent of a latté I won’t say no!)

There was an estimated 94,040 Changemakers in 63 communities across Canada running, and approximately 30,000 at the Toronto location.

There’s something powerful about seeing community come together to run for something they believe in. To run for people they believe it. The determination and fight that so many display (especially the survivors) is quite remarkable actually. And it’s incredibly inspiring.

To think every single one of us there have been affected or touched in some way by breast cancer, is crazy. Moreover, to think that is only ONE type of cancer, and cancer is only ONE type of disease, and disease is only ONE of the big scary issues out there we face daily is insane.

There’s a lot of big, bad, ‘stuff’ out there – and a lot of it is out of our control. That being said, you can choose to be victim to whatever life has thrown at you, or you can choose to stand up and fight back.

The world needs more fighters.

And the world needs more champions.

The other thing that gets me about this run is all of cheerleaders along the route ~ the volunteers waving signs, the bystanders ringing cowbells, and the musicians performing in full on costumes and wigs. You can’t help but smile and get a little burst of energy to keep going.

It’s not about the distance or the speed. It’s not a race. It’s about you pushing yourself to fight for something, or someone, you believe in.

Who, or what in your life is worth fighting for? And are you fighting the good fight?

Who, or what, in your life needs championing? And are you being the cheerleader you can be?

It doesn’t have to be cancer, or world peace either (although both noble causes… )

A clean kitchen, a chance to be heard, your values, landing your dream job, making it across the finish line, family dinners, open communication, regular exercise… all worth fighting for in my opinion.

“Better to fight for something than live for nothing.” ~ George S. Patton What are YOU fighting for? Who are you cheering on? (Click to tweet it out)


So, what are you fighting for? Who may need your cheerleading this week? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.


Have a FAB week!



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Carol Schulte

Carol is a published author, has been featured in numerous magazines and podcasts, and is a returning guest expert on Rogers TV. Having lived and worked in 16 countries including Ashrams in India and vans in New Zealand, rocked dreadlocks in Thailand and shaved her head for breast cancer, she certainly walks her talk and brings a global perspective to all she does. When she’s not traveling or speaking on stage, you can find her volunteering as a bereavement facilitator, training for her next triathlon, or practicing her serious carpool karaoke game.

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