Whose Champion Are YOU?

My exciting week in pics! Brainstorming with Theresa Laurico, founder of Socialight (Women Living Big LIVE on Sept. 24th!) speaking for Positive Fabulous Women with founder Katia Miller and the inspiring Tara Antler, Women Living BIG go AXE THROWING! Attending a painting class with Leigh Mitchell, founder of Women in Biz Network, launch of One Red Lipstick! (A book celebrating female entrepreneurs and their real stories… honoured to be a part of it)


Whose champion are you?

We all need champions. And, we can all be champions.

Yes, there is the type of champion that is the winner ~ like the amazing Gail who was crowned Axe Throwing champion at our Women Living BIG event last night (SOOO much fun!!! And guess who was runner up?!? That’s right, yours truly… and we were tied right up until the last axe throw in round 3!)

And then there is the type of champion who is a cheerleader. A supporter. A believer. Someone who is going to lift you up, encourage you forward, and won’t let you give up.

That’s the kind of champion I am talking about.

Do you have someone in your life whom you would call your champion? If so, when was the last time you acknowledged them?

And if not, are you being a champion for someone else?

There is something special about knowing someone has your back. When you’re being championed, you feel stronger. More confident. More capable. You’re not as afraid, and you know someone believes in your success, even on the days when you don’t believe in your own.

Similarly, when you are a champion for someone else, you are helping them to feel stronger. More confident. More capable. And in turn, are helping them to combat their own fears. Because we all get them.

It feels good to have a champion. And, it feels even better to know you could be a champion for others.

My mother was my always my champion. When I was in theatre back in the day, she used to be at every opening and every closing of every show I ever did. She believed in me when I didn’t even believe in myself. And after she passed away, I was lost. For a long time.

Part of my journey was coming to discover how incredibly lucky I was to have had her as that champion. Not everyone is as lucky. And because of that, I’m committed to being a champion to and for other women. To help them see all they are capable of achieving, and believing in them and their dreams alongside them.

I‘m fortunate in that I have numerous other champions in my life. And, I’m also fortunate there are so many incredible women I get to champion. It makes life a whole lot more meaningful, and a whole lot more fun.

Take some time today to acknowledge the champions in your life. And, reach out to those you champion, or want to be a champion for. Be a cheerleader for someone else.

We all need champions. And, we can all be champions. Whose champion are you? (Click to tweet it out.)

Have a FAB week!

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