Why I’m not setting resolutions this year…

Happy Friday!

I’m still on a high from two back to back ‘Brave New Year, Brave New YOU!’ workshops.. one in Boston, one in Toronto.

And I have to say, they were pretty powerful.

There were laughs, there were tears, and there were some pretty brave visions and brave lists happening… and I can’t tell you how happy it makes me!

For the past five years I’ve led a workshop at this time of year called ‘Intentions, Resolutions and Goals, OH MY!’ based on the process I take myself through when starting a new year.

Well, at least the process I used to take myself through.

See, as soon as that ball drops (even before!) we’re bombarded with all we need to do in order to set the year off right. We need to craft strategies, to choose our word, to set intentions, to create big goals, to make resolutions, to form new habits, to take things on and let things go… now I don’t know about you, but I can find it all a tad overwhelming!

And so in an effort to simplify, I created a 1 – 2 – 3 plan:

Create 1 intention, make 2 resolutions, and set 3 goals.

Sounds simple enough, no?!? And actually, for quite a few years, it seemed to be working.

Until it wasn’t.

Because the truth is, of the less than 50% of the population that actually make resolutions, 25% givenup within the first week, and almost 75% within the first month!

And did you also know the average person will make the same resolution 10 years in a row?!?

What’s all that about?!?

Well, there are a lot of things at play actually. And it has to do with the fact we’re making resolutions or setting goals we feel we should do, and aren’t necessarily in alignment with our values or what we truly want. Nor do we properly set ourselves up for success.

(And on another note, my wise cousin shared something fascinating she heard in Conan O’Brien’s podcast where he was interviewing Stephen Colbert… and they were talking about the fact as Catholics they felt they had to ‘suffer’ ~ and think somehow that suffering makes us better people, and will make for a better future… and as a recovering Catholic I can totally relate!)

Life is to be lived, and to be enjoyed.

It was the anniversary of my Mum’s passing this week. It was also the anniversary of my step mother’s funeral. And then there was the awful tragedy of Ukraine Airlines Flight 752…

Life is short.

So this year, I’m not setting any resolutions. And I haven’t even set goals yet!

What I have done, however, is create my ‘Brave List.’

As you know, creating that list last year was the biggest game changer for me.
And it’s catching on.

Both the women and the men I’ve had the privilege of taking through the process of writing their own Brave Lists over the last little while are having major breakthroughs… and taking action on things they’ve wanted to do for YEARS. People are beginning to follow their dream of singing, to be present with their children, to start writing their book, to out themselves out on video, to give out their number…

Because see here’s the thing.

As soon as you write down everything that answers this question:

‘What would I do if I were braver?’ you begin to see yourself as the person who can do everything on that list. And your subconscious begins to find solutions to make it happen.

We ALL want to be braver.

And brave is not about how many resolutions we can stick to or goals we can achieve. It’s not about sacrifice, and it doesn’t have to be hard.

Brave is about living, and being more true to YOU… who you are and what you want.

Good things happen to those who are brave.

So instead of challenging you to set more intentions, resolutions or goals this year, all I have for you are two questions:

How are you going to choose to live this year? 

And more importantly, who are you going to choose to be? 

I hope you choose brave.

(And I then I hope you share ONE THING on your brave list in the comments below! 

Have a FAB week,  *|FNAME|*! 🌟

P.S. STAY TUNED… we’ve received so much positive feedback about our ‘Brave New Year, Brave New YOU’ programs, we’re going to be offering a webinar!!!

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Carol Schulte

Carol is a published author, has been featured in numerous magazines and podcasts, and is a returning guest expert on Rogers TV. Having lived and worked in 16 countries including Ashrams in India and vans in New Zealand, rocked dreadlocks in Thailand and shaved her head for breast cancer, she certainly walks her talk and brings a global perspective to all she does. When she’s not traveling or speaking on stage, you can find her volunteering as a bereavement facilitator, training for her next triathlon, or practicing her serious carpool karaoke game.

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  1. Marie-Josée Bergeron says

    Hi Carol ! I read your letter every week 🙂 I even share it with my friends 🙂 Unfortunately since about a couple of weeks I have not received anything and it might be a email issue or you were on vacation (even YOU need a vacation !! ) Could you please add me to your list please ? Looking forward reading you again…you are very inspiring 🙂

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